Eric Clapton Says He Still Intends to Retire from Road, Also Has Plans for New Album

Universal MusicOver the last year or so, Eric Clapton has commented in multiple interviews that he's planning on retiring from touring when he turns 70.  The guitar legend, who will reach that milestone in March, now tells Rolling Stone he's still considering quitting the road in 2015.

"Next year, I might do a couple of shows and say, 'Folks, that's it, I'm off,'" he declares.  "Then I'll see what I make of that, whether I'm content to just go into the studio now and then and play at home for the family."

Slowhand also reveals that he's not planning to put together another Crossroads Guitar Festival, the star-studded benefit for his Crossroads rehab facility that he organized in 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

"I think this could be it," he says.  "I don't want to work that hard, that much, anymore."

Next week, on July 29, Clapton will release a tribute album to his late friend, collaborator and musical inspiration JJ Cale -- The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale.  Also lending their talents to the project, which Eric says was "a joy to do," were such stars as Tom Petty, Mark Knopfler, Willie Nelson, John Mayer and Derek Trucks.

Meanwhile, Clapton tells Rolling Stone that before Cale's death last year inspired him to put together the tribute project, "I was planning to write and record another album for myself…So that's the next thing I would do."

Eric reveals that there's also some extra Cale-written material from The Breeze sessions that he plans to finish later this summer.  "We recorded many more tracks, some of them unpublished," he explains.  "I have some time in August in the studio to complete that and maybe start recording self-penned stuff."

With regard to coming up with new original songs, Clapton says he has been struggling a bit lately, admitting that he's "just lazy."  He explains, "When I get to 'What am I going to do for that bit?' I stop and turn on the TV.  I'm easily distracted."

He adds, "What I've done a lot is written songs, then forgotten them.  I put them down as a voice memo, on my phone, then I lose the memo."  However, Clapton assures Rolling Stone that he does have some new tunes in the works he hasn't forgotten that currently are saved on his iPhone.

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Imagine Dragons' Singer Says Second Album Will Be as Eclectic as Their First 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via ABCIn between concert dates, Imagine Dragons has been working on their second album in their hometown of Las Vegas, and singer Dan Reynolds says they've been "having a lot of fun."  He also says fans can expect a mix of sounds and styles -- just like on their best-selling 2012 debut, Night Visions -- because they don't want to write "themselves into a box."

The hit singles from Night Visions -- "It's Time," "Demons," "Radioactive" and "On Top of the World" -- all sounded very different from one another; at times, it was hard to believe all those songs were by the same band.  And Reynolds says for Imagine Dragons' sophomore release, he expects to continue creating an eclectic bunch of tunes. 

"I think a lot of my favorite artists that I listened to growing up....[like] The Beatles, were always changing and never really writing themselves in a box," he explains.  "They would write, like, 'Helter Skelter' and then 'Let It Be.'  It's like, at least for us as a band, we always are trying to push our limits and try something refreshing to us...I think we'll always continue to do different things."

Dan feels that Imagine Dragons' new material shows that "we have a lot of growth as songwriters."   As for whether or not the band's newfound success has changed their approach, Dan says he still feels that the best songs are born from trying experiences.

"I've always felt that struggle really breeds art, your best art," he explains. "Sometimes, you know, happiness can breed your best art, but for me I feel like it's always been, almost, my journal.  It's been my thing that I've gone to since I was in sixth grade -- pretty nerdy and geeky and I still am -- but it's always...brought me comfort.  At the end of the day I could write a song about what I was going through."

Dan has hinted in the past that some of the things the band has been going through recently -- like trying to adjust to their sudden fame and insane schedule -- may find their way into the new music.   Back in May, he told reporters that all the "crazy changes" the band has experienced "has been kind of entwining into the album, and so it has a lot of emotion...the highs and lows that come with that."

No word yet on when we can expect the follow-up to Night Visions.  The band has a string of festival dates booked next month in Europe and the U.K, and then they'll return to the U.S. at the end of August to perform at the L.A. installment of the Budweiser Made in America festival on August 30.

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Cole Swindell Clears Up the Misunderstanding About His Latest Hit, "Hope You Get Lonely Tonight"

Image Courtesy Warner Music NashvilleCole Swindell extends a sexy invitation to an old flame in his latest hit, "Hope You Get Lonely Tonight," but quite a few people have misunderstood his intentions in this song.

Cole says with a laugh, " It's funny -- somebody [was] joking, like, 'Why is Cole Swindell wishing bad on this girl hoping she gets lonely?' But, you listen to the song, it's a good 'Hope You Get Lonely.' Yeah, you just hope the girl wants to see you as much as you want to see her."

Cole goes on to say "Hope You Get Lonely" is one of his favorite songs on his self-titled debut album, which also features his #1 hit "Chillin It."

"I'm excited about having a new song out, and just the whole album, man," says Cole. "I'm glad people get to hear more of me than just 'Chillin' It,' 'cause I have several other songs on the album that cover all the bases."

Look for Cole to perform on ABC's CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock special coming up Tuesday, August 5 at 8 p.m. ET.

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Sexiest Man Alive Now Off the Market: Adam Levine Marries Behati Prinsloo in Mexico

Trae Patton/NBCAdam Levine has turned in his player card: he's now a married man.  The Maroon 5 frontman tied the knot with model Behati Prinsloo at Flora Farms in Los Cabos, Mexico on Saturday, according to People magazine.

About 275 friends and family members -- including Robert Downey Jr. and Maroon 5 bandmates Jesse Carmichael and James Valentine -- watched Adam and Behati say their vows at the rustic resort.  Behati donned a custom-made Marchesa gown, according to People. 

US Weekly reports that the guest list also included Adam's childhood friend Jonah Hill, as well as Jason Segal and model Candice Swanepoel, and that the couple asked for charity donations in lieu of gifts. E! News notes that Hill actually officiated the ceremony, with its source saying, "Jonah was hysterical. He was telling so many jokes, but then in the middle would be so sweet and sincere." According to the insider, Hill also said he's known Adam for a long time, describing him as a "wonderful guy" who has "so much to give."

The publication also reports that Stevie Nicks, who'll be mentoring Adam's team on the new season of The Voice, flew in for a special performance.  Unfortunately, Blake Shelton was unable to make it.

The night before, the couple hosted a party for their guests at the El Dorado Golf & Beach Club, People reports.

Adam and Behati got engaged last summer after dating for a year.  Before the big moment, Adam wrote on Facebook, "Let's do this!"

E! reports that the newly-hitched couple will honeymoon in South Africa; Behati is from the African country of Namibia.

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Ciara’s Next Album Is Not Titled "Zonin’"

Image Courtesy Epic Records

It’s true that Ciara is balancing being a mom to her month-old son with recording her next album, but she has not officially titled her upcoming set just yet.

Shortly after she posted an Instagram picture that simply read “Zonin,’” her fans quickly assumed that she was announcing the title.

Ciara’s rep has informed MTV News that she has not revealed an official name for her sixth studio effort. “She is working on another music project, but 'Zonin' is not necessarily the title of it,” her rep said in a statement.

The upcoming disc will serve as the follow-up to her self-titled disc, which spawned her big single "Body Party."

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English Professor Gives Taylor Swift's "Wall Street Journal" Op-Ed a B-Minus 

ABC/Todd WawrychukTaylor Swift made waves not long ago by penning an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal about the future of the music business.  Most people focused on Taylor's optimism about the industry, but now, her actual writing ability has been put under a microscope.

Entertainment Weekly invited Margo Mifflin, a professor of English at the City University of New York, to "grade" Taylor's essay and point out any flaws.  Professor Mifflin's opinion?  "She has a strong, effervescent writing style," she told the magazine. "But the piece has serious focus problems. It skids all over the place."  She gives Taylor a B-minus.

Taylor's essay includes her thoughts about how artists need to surprise fans constantly and take musical risks, how albums can become best-sellers if they connect emotionally with listeners and how autographs and distinctions between musical genres are both obsolete.

For comparison's sake, Mifflin also critiqued a piece by George Clooney, in which he expressed his anger and frustration over a story in a British tabloid claiming that his future mother-in-law opposes him marrying her daughter.  She gave Clooney's effort an A-minus, saying that his writing was "pointed" and "persuasive," but "a little too concise."

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Lady Antebellum Owes a Lot of Their Success to Tight Jeans and Chest Hair

Image Courtesy: Capitol NashvilleLady Antebellum's Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood's names always come up in discussions about the sexiest men in country music. Their band mate, Hillary Scott, has revealed the secret to Charles and Dave's sex appeal: "Tight jeans and chest hair."

She tells them with a laugh, "It's true, and you always show it."

Charles claims to be a pioneer among male country stars who are now painting on their pants. He says, "We were wearing tight jeans before Luke [Bryan] did. Let's just say that. No, I'm just kidding. I just bust on him."

Dave adds, "We have more chest hair than Luke."

Charles agrees, saying, "He doesn't have any chest hair."

Lady A's new album, 747, is due out September 30 featuring their latest hit, "Bartender."

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Slipknot Posts Second Album Teaser

Image Courtesy Bobby TongsWhat a week for Slipknot fans -- after months of waiting for new album news, the band has posted two new album teasers in the last few days.

The second is much longer than the first, but additional footage does not mean more album information. There are equally creepy images as are in the first trailer -- including the same severed ear -- and ghoulish-looking young women, including one who closes the clip by holding up two severed goat heads.

The second teaser, like the first, is streaming on Slipknot's official webpage.

Seems likely there'll be more teasers in short time, so stay tuned.

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AMC Reality Series About KISS Members' Arena Football Team Premiering August 12

Ben Leuner/AMCKISS' Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley will be featured in a new AMC reality series titled 4th and Loud that will take a behind-the-scenes look at LA KISS, the new Los Angeles-area Arena Football League team the rockers co-own.  The docu-series, which premieres August 12 at 7 p.m. ET, follows Simmons, Stanley and their partners as they try to infuse some rock 'n' roll spirit into the first pro football franchise to play in L.A. in 20 years.

The program also will focus on the team's players, coaches and cheerleaders as they prepare for their inaugural season.

Deadline reports that Simmons and Stanley chatted about LA KISS last week at a Television Critics Association panel in Los Angeles.

"What we've brought to rock 'n' roll we want to bring to sport," explained Stanley.

Simmons added that they wanted the team's cheerleaders to display a bit more sex appeal than the ladies seen on the sidelines of your average NFL game.  "We wanted to have girls who are not the girl next door but the girl you wish was next door," he said.

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Long-Shelved Album by Sam Cooke's Brother to Be Released Later This Month

ABKCO RecordsAn album of recordings made in the early 1960s by the late Sam Cooke's younger brother, soul/gospel artist L.C. Cooke, finally will be released on July 29.  The Complete SAR Records Recordings features all of the tracks L.C. recorded for Sam's SAR Records label, as well as some bonus material.

L.C.'s SAR recordings were produced by Sam, who also wrote the majority of the tunes.  While many of the songs were released as singles, a planned full-length record by L.C. was shelved after Sam's death in December 1964.

Remembering his brother's knack for composing a tune, L.C. says, "Sam had that canny thing about him, where he could just look at you and say, 'I'm going to write something that fits you.'"  The 80-year-old singer also reveals how he claimed dibs on the song "Put Me Down Easy," which his brother had originally written for himself.

"I said, 'That's my song, Sam,'" recalls L.C.  "So he laughed and said, 'Oh, you're going to take it just like that, huh?'  I said, 'Yeah, I'm taking it.'"

A number of L.C.'s tunes feature musical contributions from some well-known artists who also were on SAR Records, including Billy Preston on organ and Bobby and Cecil Womack on guitar.

As for the bonus tracks on The Complete SAR Records Recordings, they include some previously unreleased songs and alternate versions. The album also features a pair of songs L.C. recorded in 1959 for Checker Records, and a tune that he recorded for the Destination in 1965 following Sam's death.  In addition, there's a studio outtake for the song "Gonna Have a Good Time" in which you can hear Sam directing his brother on how he wants him to sing the tune.

Here is the full track list of L.C. Cooke's The Complete SAR Records Recordings:

"Take Me for What I Am"
"The Wobble"
"Magic Words"
"The Lover"
"Put Me Down Easy"
"You're Working Out Your Bag"
"Tell Me"
"Chalk Line"
"Teach Me"
"The Lover" (previously unreleased version)
"Miss Sally" (previously unreleased)
"Gonna Have a Good Time" (Session Chatter)"
"Gonna Have a Good Time" (previously unreleased)
"Put Me Down Easy" (Single Version)
"If I Could Only Hear"
"I'm Falling"
"Do You Wanna Dance (Yea Man)"

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Primus and Puscifer Drummer Tim Alexander to Undergo Open-Heart Surgery 

Timothy Norris/Getty ImagesTim Alexander, a drummer who's played with Primus and in Maynard James Keenan's experimental band Puscifer, has had a heart attack and will undergo open-heart surgery this week.

A note on Puscifer's Facebook page announced the news, stating, "Calling All Cars! Rough news. @timalexander suffered a heart attack. Open Heart Surgery on Mon/Tues. Global Positive Thoughts, Por favor. @Puscifer We need our Herb the Ginseng Drummer aka Peter Merkin alive and thieving."

Alexander joined Primus in 1988, but since then, he's left and then rejoined the band numerous times, according to Billboard.  He's featured on seven of their albums, including two of the best known: Pork Soda and Sailing the Seas of Cheese.  He's played on several Puscifer albums as well, and additionally has worked with another of Keenan's bands, A Perfect Circle.

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Brian Wilson Shares New Details About Upcoming Album

Image Courtesy of James Minchin IIISome new details have been revealed about former Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson's upcoming solo album, which will feature a variety of guest singers, including a number of young female artists.  Wilson tells Rolling Stone that he initially had been writing songs for a new Beach Boys album, but plans changed when Mike Love decided that he didn't want to extend the group's 50th anniversary reunion tour in 2012.

"It was a shock," admits Wilson.  "I was so proud of how the Boys were singing.  Then it just ended."

He says, at first, he was at a loss about what to do with the new music he was creating before settling on the idea to bring in guest vocalists.

Among the singers who have lent their talents to the project so far are up-and-coming country star Kacey Musgraves, and alternative-pop chanteuses Lana Del Rey and Zooey Deschanel.  Wilson also has called on fun. frontman Nate Ruess, whom he says "sounds a little like my brother Carl."

Jeff Beck, who toured with Brian last year, played guitar on a version of the Irish standard "Danny Boy," one of the tunes they performed together during the trek.

Musgraves, who is featured on a tune called "Guess You Had to Be There," apparently took a few takes before her vocals were to Brian's liking.  "When it's good it's good, when it's not -- do it again," says Wilson.  "But after three tries, Kacey nailed it."

Deschanel appears on a song named "On the Island" that Rolling Stone describes as "a space-age bossa nova."

Two versions of a track titled "Last Song" have been recorded, one featuring Del Rey and another with Wilson handling lead vocals.  According to Rolling Stone, the tune, which will be the album's centerpiece, is "a heartbreaking ballad" that Brian wrote about his disappointment over the Beach Boys reunion coming to an end.

"It started out being about lost love," explains the album's co-producer, Joe Thomas.  "But after the tour fell apart it became more about a missed opportunity for Brian and the guys to ride into the sunset together."

No word yet on when Wilson's album will be released.

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Adam Levine "Won't Shut Up" About How Cool Gwen Stefani Is, Says Band Mate

Trae Patton/NBCAdam Levine won't just be working with Gwen Stefani on the new season of The Voice: he's also collaborated with her musically, recording a duet with her for Maroon 5's upcoming album V.  And Adam's band mate thinks that the singer is positively starstruck by the No Doubt frontwoman.

Billboard reports that the song Gwen joins the band on is called "My Heart Is Open," and that it was co-written by singer/songwriter Sia, whose album 1000 Forms of Fear just debuted at #1 on the magazine's album chart.   Coincidentally, or perhaps not, Sia was a mentor for Christina Aguilera's team back on The Voice season one. 

Talking about working with Gwen, Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine tells Billboard, "It's cool for all of us to have her on the record. And Adam won't shut up about how cool she is as a person. A lot of times when you meet your idols it's a letdown, but it's the opposite case with Gwen, apparently."

One reason Adam is so jazzed about Gwen's presence on the album, James says, is because No Doubt was an influence on Kara's Flowers, the original incarnation of Maroon 5.  Kara's Flowers changed their name to Maroon 5 in 2001, after James joined the band.

Maroon 5's album V -- which James says is pronounced "Five," because V is the Roman numeral for five, and it's their fifth album -- will be in stores September 2.

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Soundgarden/Nine Inch Nails Joint Tour Kicks Off Saturday in Las Vegas

Live NationIf you don’t yet have your tickets, you’d better get cracking.  Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden kick off their co-headlining summer tour tonight at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Both bands are embarking on a 26-city arena tour that wraps August 30 in Auburn, Washington.  It promises to be a hell of a show, with both veteran bands playing full sets each night.  In addition, Oneohtrix, Dillinger Escape Plan and Cold Cave will support Soundgarden and NIN on select dates. Original support act Death Grips is off the bill after unexpectedly disbanding earlier this month. 

For more information, hit SoundgardenWorld.com or NIN.com.  

Here’s the complete tour itinerary

7/19 -- Las Vegas, NV, Planet Hollywood
7/21 -- Morrison, CO, Red Rocks Amphitheatre
7/24 -- Tinley Park, IL, First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
7/26 -- Clarkston, MI, DTE Energy Music Theatre
7/27 -- Toronto, ON, Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
7/29 -- Mansfield, MA, Xfinity Center
7/30 -- Camden, NJ, Susquehanna Bank Center
8/1 -- Wantagh, NY, Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
8/2 -- Holmdel, NJ, PNC Bank Arts Center
8/4 -- Bristow, VA, Jiffy Lube Live
8/5 -- Virginia Beach, VA, Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach
8/7 -- Charlotte, NC, PNC Music Pavilion
8/8 -- Lakewood, GA, Aaron’s Amphitheatre
8/10 -- West Palm Beach, FL, Cruzan Amphitheatre
8/11 -- Tampa, FL, MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
8/14 -- Austin, TX, Austin360 Amphitheater
8/16 -- Woodlands, TX, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
8/17 -- Dallas, TX, Gexa Energy Pavilion
8/19 -- Albuquerque, NM, Isleta Ampitheatre
8/21 -- Chula Vista, CA, Sleep Train Amphitheatre
8/22 -- Irvine, CA, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
8/24 -- Mountain View, CA, Shoreline Ampitheatre
8/25 -- Los Angeles, CA, Hollywood Bowl
8/27 -- Wheatland, CA, Sleep Train Amphitheater
8/29 -- Ridgefield, WA, Sleep Country Amphitheater
8/30 -- Auburn, WA, White River Amphitheater

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Kip Moore Kicking Off CMT Summer Concert Series Saturday on "Hot 20 Countdown"

Image Courtesy MCA NashvilleKip Moore is kicking off CMT's Summer Concert Series this Saturday on CMT Hot 20 Countdown premiering at 11 a.m. ET on CMT.  David Nail will be featured on the series' July 26 installment, and Chris Young follows on August 9.

Dierks Bentley will close out the series with a performance at the Bristol Motor Speedway airing September 6. Dierks will also appear on all four Summer Concert Series bringing fans exclusive videos and features on his ongoing RISER tour.

Look for additional videos from the CMT Summer Concert Series to air on CMT.com, too.

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Alicia Keys Signs with Pharrell's Manager

Image Courtesy ABC/Jeff NeiraAlicia Keys has changed up her management team. After four years, the singer has parted ways "amicably" with Will Botwin at Red Light Management and she's now being co-managed by two industry veterans at Maverick.

According to the The Hollywood Reporter, the singer is now being handled by Ron Laffitte -- whose clients include Pharrell Williams -- and Guy Oseary -- who’s been assisting Madonna’s career for nearly a decade.

Now that she's restructured her camp, the singer is focusing on recording her sixth studio album, which will follow 2012’s Girl on Fire.

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Lamb of God Drummer to Open Whiskey-Themed Restaurant

Image Courtesy Adrenaline PR Lamb of God's Chris Adler has found a good use for his time during the band's hiatus: the drummer announced that he's partnering with a Virginia-based resturanteur to open the Big Whiskey Grill in Richmond.

Set to open in October, the Big Whiskey Grill will offer a 700-bottle whiskey selection, 150 craft beers and a 200-bottle wine list. It will also feature two separate kitchens to accommodate people with allergies and dietary restrictions, an idea sparked by Adler's wife. "My wife has suffered from severe food allergies for her entire life and has never been able to comfortably dine out -- and she's not alone," Adler said in a statement.  "I'm driven to create a safe environment for an dietary concern, choice or not."

Adler also adds that he plans to be out front at the Big Whiskey Grill. "I won't be in the back behind a purple rope holding court," he says. "I'll be behind the bar serving up the gold."

Lamb of God has been largely on hiatus since singer Randy Blythe was accused in the Czech Republic of being criminally liable for the death of a fan who had died after sustaining a head injury during the band's show in Prague.  Blythe was acquitted of criminal liability in the incident in March 2013.  In January, he announced on Instagram that he would not be "thinking about Lamb of God, touring, playing heavy metal, writing new Lamb of God material...for a good long while."

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Aaliyah's Biopic Gets New Lead Actress

Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImageAlthough actress Zendaya Coleman dropped out last month, the much-discussed Aaliyah biopic is moving forward.

The late singer will now be portrayed by 23-year-old actress Alexandra Shipp, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Shipp previously starred on Nickelodeon’s House of Anubis and appeared in episodes of Switched at Birth, Awkward and Ray Donovan.

In addition, Wendy Williams has been tapped as an executive producer. The TV host announced the news Friday on Facebook: “Wendy and Wendy Williams Productions are proud to announce that they are joining Debra Martin Chase as executive producers on the Aaliyah Lifetime movie! Production begins later this month with Alexandra Shipp playing Aaliyah.”

The biopic, Aaliyah: Princess of R&B, will premiere this fall.

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Lorde Says Says She's the "Black Sheep" of Her MTV VMA Categories

ABC/Lou RoccoWhen last year's MTV VMA Award nominations rolled around, Lorde's hit "Royals" was just starting to make its way up the charts, and was still several months away from becoming a nine-week #1 smash, so she didn't receive any nods.  This year, of course, she's one of the biggest stars on the planet, and has now received two VMA nominations: Best Female, and Best Rock, both for the "Royals" video.  But the New Zealand teen doesn't think she has much chance of winning.

"Wowzer ... vma nominations!" Lorde tweeted, adding, "OMG i am the black sheep of both my categories hahahaha." 

In the Best Rock category, Lorde's up against Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys.  In the Best Female category, her competition includes pop superstars Katy Perry and Beyonce, as well as rising pop princess Ariana Grande [GRAHN-day] and Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

When one fan noted that she would be the black sheep of any MTV category except one that doesn't exist: "Best Little Goth," Lorde liked that idea, and replied, "petition to make 'best little goth' a vma category."

Lorde also tweeted links to MTV so that fans could vote for her, "if you feel [like it]," but then added, "This probably sounds faux casual but let's face it, i'm up against katy and bey."  

Lorde also commented on how surprised she was that the "Royals" video, which is pretty low-key, was even recognized at all.  "Whether we win or not, it blows me sideways that a video starring my friends, my train platform & my game arcade could even be up for a vma," she wrote.

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Shania Twain Named Best Resident Performer on "Las Vegas Weekly's" Best of Vegas 2014 List 

Sandbox EntertainmentShania Twain has picked up a big honor for her Vegas show, Shania: Still the One.

Las Vegas Weekly just named Shania the "Best Resident Performer" on their "Best of Vegas 2014" list. That means she beat out fellow headliners Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Elton John and Olivia Newton-John for the win.

Shania is playing select dates at Caesars Palace this month. Go to ShaniainVegas.com for tickets.

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