Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Robert Dear to Appear in Court

iStock/Thinkstock(COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.) — Suspected Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear is expected to make his first court appearance via video Monday as authorities continue to investigate the shooting and hours-long standoff at the Colorado Springs clinic that authorities said left three dead and nine others injured.

While police haven't released a possible motive or said whether the clinic was the intended target, law enforcement sources told ABC News that Dear, 57, made rambling comments during the incident, some of which suggested animosity toward the health care provider.

They said the Justice Department is building a domestic terrorism case against Dear, though it would only move forward if somehow the state capital case was sidetracked.

Dear also allegedly made statements about President Obama during or after the incident that were concerning enough that he now has the attention of the U.S. Secret Service, which has dispatched agents to evaluate the remarks and possibly interview him, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

Police and federal agents Saturday used a bomb robot to search the mobile home and storage shed on the property in Hartsel, Colorado, where Dear lived. Hartsel is about 65 miles west of Colorado Springs.

Zigmund Post, one of Dear's neighbors, told ABC News that the last time he saw the man was Wednesday, outside the post office.

Dear made an impression on Post the first time they met, he said, because he immediately gave him anti-Obama pamphlets.

"That was kind of weird that within three minutes of meeting somebody, they're already wanting to give you that kind of stuff," Post said.

"You could tell he wasn't that friendly of a guy," Gary Murr, another Hartsel resident, told ABC News. "He sure didn't smile or nothing. He would just answer a question and that's it."

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Chicago Cop Charged with Murder of Laquan McDonald to Appear in Court

Cook County Sheriff's Office(CHICAGO) -- The Chicago police officer who has been charged with murder for the fatal shooting of a black teenager is due to make his first court appearance Monday since his arrest.

Jason Van Dyke turned himself in last week and was charged with the first-degree murder of Laquan McDonald, 17, after Van Dyke allegedly shot McDonald 16 times during an incident in October 2014.

The police officer's arrest on Nov. 24, more than a year after McDonald's death, came hours before dash cam footage of the shooting was released after a judge ordered the City of Chicago to do so.

Last week, a judge announced that the footage of the shooting would be played at Van Dyke's hearing Monday.

The 37-year-old officer has been held without bond.

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Dozens of College Students Injured in Virginia Bus Crash

Lt. Jason Elmore(CHESTERFIELD, Va.) — Dozens were injured and transported to nearby hospitals Sunday night when a charter bus carrying college students to three Virginia campuses overturned, according to police.

A total of 33 people were transported to six hospitals, according to Chesterfield Fire and EMS Lt. Jason Elmore. One of those transported sustained life-threatening injuries while the rest received non-life threatening injuries.

The bus, operated by Abbott Trailways of Roanoke, Virginia, had 50 passengers and a driver on board at the time of the crash, Virginia State Police said in a statement issued late Sunday.

The passengers were students returning to the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and Radford University, according to the police statement. The bus picked the students up at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and was initially headed to the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Abbott Trailways confirmed it was taking students back to area campuses after the Thanksgiving weekend.

The bus overturned as it came through the curve of a highway ramp and the driver “lost control,” the police statement said.

Radford University Chief Communications Officer Joe Carpenter said the university is “still gathering info from the bus operator and responding agencies in the Richmond area,” adding that the “bus service/charter in question is not affiliated with the university and is offered as a private service to area college students.

Virginia State Police Senior Trooper N.M. Nash, who is investigating the crash, has charged the bus driver, Thomas B. Chidester, 58, with reckless driving, according to the police statement.

“The Virginia State Police Motor Carrier Safety Team was also on scene to conduct a safety check of the bus and is assisting with the ongoing investigation into the cause of the crash,” the statement concludes.

"At this time Abbott Trailways is fully cooperating with law enforcement officials and first responders to make sure everyone onboard the motorcoach is accounted for and anyone who needs medical attention gets it,” the bus company said. "The cause of the accident is under investigation and Abbott Trailways is again working with police to determine what happened."

The bus company added that it dispatched another bus to accommodate students wishing to get to campus as soon as it learned of the accident.

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Chicago to Expand Police Body Cam Program Amid Heightened Scrutiny

Richard Ellis/Getty Images(CHICAGO) -- The city of Chicago will expand its use of police body cameras to an additional six districts by mid-2016, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy announced Sunday.

The program will be paid for with a $1.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, which will be matched by $1.1 million in city funds.

“Improving public safety and making Chicago a safer city has been one of my highest priorities,” Emanuel said. “Expanding this successful program into one-third of the city will help enhance transparency and credibility as well as strengthen the fabric of trust that is vital between police and the community.”

The announcement comes in the wake of heightened public scrutiny and protests regarding the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, who died last year after being shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer. Dash cam footage of McDonald’s fatal shooting was made public Tuesday, hours after Officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder.

The districts receiving new body cameras will be announced in the coming days, and in February the Chicago Police Department will be purchasing next-generation cameras that can record up to 72 hours of high-definition footage on a single charge, according to a statement from the mayor’s office. The program also allows for equipment upgrades every 30 months to ensure officers have the “best technology available,” according to the statement.

"Equipping every officer with a wearable camera device allows us to harness the power of technology to better serve the people of Chicago,” McCarthy said. “In addition to protecting police officers and citizens, cameras have been shown to reduce citizen complaints against police and are great tools for evidence gathering and training as they allow us to learn from actual encounters with the public.”

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University of Chicago Closes Campus After Online Threat

Dina Rudick/The Boston Globe via Getty Images(CHICAGO) -- The University of Chicago has canceled all classes and activities at its Hyde Park campus on Monday after being warned by the FBI of an online threat of gun violence there.

In an alert sent out to the campus community, university president Robert Zimmer said FBI counterterrorism officials said the threat, posted by an unknown individual, specifically mentioned "'the campus quad' on Monday morning at 10 a.m."

"Based on the FBI's assessment of this threat and recent tragic events at other campuses across the country, we have decided in consultation with federal and local law enforcement officials, to exercise caution by canceling all classes and activities on the Hyde Park campus through midnight on Monday," Zimmer said.

There will be an increased police and security presence on and around the campus, he said.

University security personnel are keeping in close contact with the FBI regarding the threat, he said.

The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, the University libraries, the Quadrangle Club, and other campus facilities will also be closed on Monday, but the University of Chicago Medical Center will remain open to patients, with added security measures, he said.

Later Sunday evening the school announced that all its charter school campuses would also be closed on Monday, and the Chicago Theological Seminary sent an alert that "due to its proximity to the University of Chicago" it is also closing on Monday.

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Mother of 2, Iraq War Vet Slain in Planned Parenthood Shooting

Brent Lewis/The Denver Post via Getty Images(COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.) -- A mother of two children and an Iraq war veteran, both of whom were accompanying friends to the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic, have been identified as the two civilians killed in the shooting that also left a police officer dead and nine others wounded.

Jennifer Markovsky, 35, was at the Colorado Springs clinic Friday with a friend, Markovsky's father John Ah-King told ABC News. Markvosky's friend was injured during the shooting and taken to a hospital.

Markovsky lived in Colorado with her husband, Paul, and her son and daughter.

Ah-King said his daughter “always was a [great] woman and she would help anyone in need.”

The second civilian killed was identified as Ke’Arre Stewart, 29, a veteran of the Iraq War and the father of two, a relative of Stewart told ABC News.

Markovsky and Stewart’s identities were confirmed by officials this afternoon, who called this a preliminary identification, adding that a full identification would be provided once autopsies were completed.

The third victim was Garrett Swasey, a University of Colorado-Colorado Springs campus officer who responded to the clinic in support of Colorado Springs police. Swasey's wife said in a statement Sunday that, "Helping others brought him deep satisfaction and being a police officer was a part of him. In the end, his last act was for the safety and wellbeing of others and was a tribute to his life."

Nine were injured in the shooting. The suspected gunman was taken into custody.

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Planned Parenthood Standoff 'Appears' to Be Domestic Terrorism, Colorado Springs Mayor Says

ABC News(COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.) --  The mayor of Colorado Springs said it "certainly appears" the shooting and standoff at a Planned Parenthood clinic that left three dead Friday was an act of domestic terrorism.

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers would not comment on a motive for the shooting. Police haven't released a possible motive or said whether the clinic was the intended target.

"We have a person that’s pretty much off the grid and acting for whatever motivation," Suthers said on ABC's "This Week." "[It's] very hard to ferret out those folks."

The shooting suspect, 57-year-old Robert Dear, entered the clinic Friday, where he engaged in a standoff with police that lasted for hours, authorities said. Three people were killed and at least nine others were injured.

"All indications are this guy, as I say, was off the grid," Suthers said.

Law enforcement sources told ABC News that Dear made rambling comments during the incident, some of which suggested animosity toward the health care provider. They said the Justice Department is building a domestic terrorism case against Dear, though it would only move forward if somehow the state capital case was sidetracked.

Vicki Cowart, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains, said it appears the clinic was targeted. She said she believed a "negative environment" around Planned Parenthood contributed to recent attacks on the health care provider.

"We’ve seen that across the country from all sorts of speakers in the last few months," Cowart said. "I can’t believe that this isn’t contributing to some folks, mentally unwell or not, thinking that it’s OK to -- to target Planned Parenthood or to target abortion providers."

"The airwaves are full of anti-abortion language, of anti-Planned Parenthood accusations, much of which is false in nature," she continued. "We at Planned Parenthood are first and foremost a health care provider. We provide life-saving services to all kinds of folks, men and women, across our communities, and the tirades against Planned Parenthood in the last few months have really been over the top."

Cowart said "Planned Parenthood holds the safety and the well-being of our patients and our staff at the very top of our list," adding that all of the staff at the Colorado Springs clinic escaped uninjured.
She also recognized how those in the building Friday "responded perfectly" to the shooting and standoff.

"They got away from the front of the building; they got into the back, locked portions of the building. They called 911 immediately," Cowart said. "They moved into locked office spaces, not one big space but different office spaces around the building, and they hunkered down. They quieted their cell phones, they didn’t talk, and they waited for the officials to rescue them."

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Dog Thanks Man After Rescue From Texas Floodwaters

iStock/Thinkstock(MCKINNEY, Texas) --  A man and a dog in Texas have something to be especially thankful this Thanksgiving weekend.

The two were rescued from floodwaters Friday after fire and police crews responded in McKinney, Texas. The rescue was caught on video.

When the crews arrived, they discovered the man in chest-deep waters with the dog on his shoulders.

 With the help of a ladder truck, a firefighter was lowered to where the two were and hoisted them back to safety.

The dog the expressed its gratitude in very dog-like fashion, licking the recuer's face.

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Thief Walks Off With $500,000 From an Armored Truck in Detroit

iStock/Thinkstock(DETROIT) -- The FBI and police are looking for a man who allegedly stole more than $500,000 from an armored truck in Detroit, disguised as an employee of the security company.

A driver of a Loomis truck said a man dressed like a Loomis security employee told him to open the back of the vehicle Friday morning, according to the Detroit Police Department. The driver reportedly thought the man was a co-worker, so he followed the order.

The suspect grabbed a few bags of cash and walked off with more than a half million dollars, police said.

"The good thing is no one was hurt," said Sgt. Cassandra Lewis of the Detroit Police Department. "And at this point that's the most important thing. But we will continue our investigation to ascertain who's responsible and what happened."

Police and FBI agents questioned the driver and are going over surveillance footage, and the two agencies were working together in the search for the suspect. Investigators are trying to figure out how the thief knew the truck would be parked there and how he got the uniform.

The crime took place near the Greektown Casino, but Greektown spokeswoman Gayle Joseph said it had nothing to do with the casino.

"The incident did not take place at our casino and did not involve funds going into or coming out of our property," she said.

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At Least 34 Transported to Hospitals After VA College Bus Crash

iStock/Thinkstock(RICHMOND, Va.) -- A bus carrying college students headed back to school after the holiday weekend overturned outside of Richmond, Virginia on Sunday night.

Around 50 people were on board the bus and at least 34 were transported to 5 hospitals. One person is suffering from serious injuries.

"A charter bus was traveling south on the Powhite [POE-white] Parkway/Route 76 when it took the ramp to Chippenham Parkway/Route 150 south," said a statement from Virginia State Police. "As the bus came through the curve of the ramp, the driver lost control and the bus overturned onto its side."

According to state police, the bus driver has been charged with reckless driving.

Students were on their way to University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Radford University.

The crash is now under investigation.

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