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FBI: 16-Year-Old Stows Away on California-Hawaii Flight

iStock Editorial/Thinkstock(HONOLULU) -- A 16-year-old boy from California hopped a fence at the San Jose Airport and snuck into the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines flight, stowing away for a five-hour flight, FBI spokesman Tom Simon told ABC News.

Simon said the boy -- who ran away from home -- passed out inside the unprotected, unpressurized wheel well once the flight got in the air. When the flight landed at the Maui airport at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, the boy was still passed out, Simon said. He did not come to for about an hour.

Ground crews later saw the boy walking around the tarmac, Simon said. He was taken into custody and checked by a doctor and found to have no injuries.

The boy has not been charged with any federal crimes in Hawaii, Simon said. He’s been turned over to Hawaiian child protective services.

Alison Croyle, a spokeswoman for Hawaiian Airlines, released a statement, writing, "Our primary concern now is for the well-being of the boy, who is exceptionally lucky to have survived." The teen survived frigid temperatures and a lack of oxygen during the flight.

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Car Plows into Florida Church, Leaving 21 Hurt

iStock/Thinkstock(FORT MYERS, Fla.) -- Twenty-one people were injured Sunday night by a car that plowed into their church during Easter services in Fort Myers, Fla.

While no fatalities were reported, some of the church-goers were severely injured. Eighteen people were reportedly brought to Lee County hospitals for treatment.

According to witnesses, an Easter concert was about to start when the car drove through the front of Second Haitian Baptist Church.

Authorities say that excessive speed may have been a factor, although the female driver of the Lexus claimed she experienced brake failure.

Emergency crews said that several people were pinned beneath the car that also destroyed several rows of pews.

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Boston Expands Security Efforts for Monday's Marathon

Andrew Burton/Getty Images(BOSTON) -- Police are ramping up security for Monday's Boston Marathon in the wake of last year's bombings.

Four-thousand police officers and 500 undercover plain-clothes detectives will be staged from the start line to the finish line.

Kurt Schwartz, Massachusetts' Undersecretary for Homeland Security and Emergency Management in the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, said every section of the 26.2 mile race will be watched by cameras, which will be monitored in an underground, high-tech command center.

"A lot of eyes," Schwartz told ABC News. "They're all watching the public, watching the crowds, trying to detect suspicious behavior, trying to manage areas that just get too crowded… We have expanded across the board."

The command center will also be communicating in real-time with other offices across eight nearby cities and towns along the marathon path.

"We'll be looking for somebody who just doesn't feel right," Boston's new police commissioner Bill Evans said. "The characteristics – a lot of our officers, during their training, [are] looking at the characteristics of someone who might be carrying explosives."

Beyond just watching, Schwartz said security officials will be tailoring their tactical security on the ground throughout the day of the marathon based on what the surveillance cameras and officers on the scene are seeing.

Evans told ABC News that though security will be tight, it won't be overwhelming for runners or attendees.

"I don't want it to be an armed camp where people are going to be intimidated by the police presence," he said.

Evans' men got a trial run last week when an alleged hoaxer dropped two bags near the finish line of the marathon, in a similar manner to how the real explosives were planted last year. Authorities reacted quickly and destroyed the ultimately harmless objects.

"It was a nice drill," Evans said. "It just got us on our toes a little earlier… But I think we did a super job. We did what we were trained to do."

Authorities suspect last year's bombing was carried out by Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, two brothers from Dagestan who lived in the U.S. Tamerlan was killed in a shootout with police days after the explosions. Dzhokhar was arrested and has pleaded not guilty to 30 counts related to the bombing. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

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Snowmobilers Escape Uninjured After Moose Encounter in Maine

iStock/Thinkstock(JACKSON, Maine) -- A run-in with an angry moose ended without injury for a pair of New Hampshire snowmobilers, but they say that the incident has changed how they think about wildlife.

Janis and Bob Powell saw the moose while snowmobiling outside Jackson, Maine, on Friday. They followed it on a trail for a few minutes, but it then came to halt.

"His fur was standing up, his ears were back, his head went low and [we] definitely knew something was up," Janis Powell said.

The moose stomped toward her husband, forcing him to duck behind his snowmobile.

"The only thing I could think of what I had to put between myself and the moose, and unfortunately that was just the snowmobile," Bob Powell said.

The moose charged again and Bob Powell ran to his wife's snowmobile, narrowly missing a headbutt from the animal.

Janis Powell then fired a warning shot into the air.

"I knew what size gun I had and that I might make it even more angry," she said.

But the moose then trotted off. Neither it nor the Powells were injured.

"We both have a new appreciated for moose and wildlife in general and will definitely be keeping more of a distance," Janis Powell said.

She added that they've seen moose on the trails before but the animals typically are scared off.

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Florida Sinkhole Filled After Threatening Two Homes

Courtesy Casey Messer/Helicon Property Restoration (ORLANDO, Fla.) -- A 50-foot deep sinkhole has been filled after it threatened two homes at a Florida retirement community.

Residents had to be evacuated after the ground opened up Saturday between two houses at The Villages community, north of Orlando.

Workers spent all Saturday night filling the hole with sand and cement to stop it from spreading.

Project manager Rich Kay said this was "by far the most extreme" sinkhole he has seen.

No injuries were reported.

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Twelve-Year-Old Dies on Boy Scout Camping Trip in Washington State

Education Images/UIG via Getty Images(SHELTON, Wash.) -- A 12-year-old boy was killed by a rolling log while camping with his Boy Scout troop in Washington State Saturday.

The troop had been hiking in the Olympic National Forest, a remote area about 40 miles north of Shelton, Washington.  

According to Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Joe Nole, the boys were trying to roll a large log into a lake when the victim's jacket got stuck to the trunk. The log rolled over the boy, causing him to suffer a deadly head injury.

The Sheriff's Deputy says it took search and rescue teams about three hours to reach the scene by foot as bad weather prevented officials from sending a helicopter airlift.

The victim's father was among the four adults and ten scouts on the trip.

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Meth Lab Found in Million-Dollar Lake-Front Home, Cops Say

iStock/Thinkstock(CLEVELAND) -- Police in Ohio say they have found materials to create a meth lab at a million-dollar lakefront home near Cleveland.

According to the Loraine County Sheriff's department, they found materials and equipment used to produce methamphetamine at Madhu Dutta's home located in Sheffield Lake, Ohio.

Members of the Loraine County Drug Task Force arrested Madhu Dutta, 52, at the scene. They said they also found three handguns and 11 shotguns at the home. The guns were being checked by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to see if they are legal, police said.

Dutta allegedly had compiled equipment and materials to make a more complex meth lab called a thionyl/chloride method lab, the first known lab of its kind in the state, according to police.

Dennis Cavanaugh, chief deputy of the Loraine County Sheriff's Office Drug Task Force, said that they initially had reports about Dutta in August 2013. After launching an investigation, investigators issued a search warrant on Wednesday to search the premises. During the search they found chemicals and equipment that would be used to produce meth, he said.

Cavanaugh said Dutta's home was on lakefront property in an affluent area and according to property records Dutta bought his home for $1,125,000 last year.

Neighbors speaking to ABC News affiliate WEWS-TV in northeast Ohio said they were shocked by the arrest.

"It's very unexpected," one unidentified neighbor told WEWS-TV. "You don't expect that at all."

"Around the lake the properties are expensive," Cavanaugh said. "I don't care where you are in this county or the state, you never know when anything like this is going to happen."

Dutta is facing two counts of illegal processing and assembling chemicals and one count of permitting drug abuse. He is due in court on April 24 and his bond was set at $100,000.

Dutta issued a plea of not guilty during an arraignment hearing, according to court records.

It is not clear whether he has obtained a lawyer.

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Lucky Woman Buying Lottery Ticket Narrowly Escapes Truck Crash

iStock/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) -- A woman buying a lottery ticket at a Chicago convenience store came within inches of being crushed by a pickup truck that crashed into the store.

The Ford pickup hit two other cars in the intersection Friday before crashing through the front of the Farmers Food Basket, pinning the woman — who was buying lottery tickets from a machine — up against the wall, ABC station WLS-TV in Chicago reported.

She escaped with minor injuries.

The woman had been standing where the pickup truck landed just a second before, witnesses said.

The woman wasn't the only one Lady Luck smiled on. The store manager also would have been right in the truck's path, but but he stepped away from his normal position a few minutes earlier to help a customer.

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Vermont Stunt Pilot Parachutes Out of Plane Before Fiery Crash

iStock/Thinkstock(BURLINGTON, Vt.) -- A veteran stunt pilot is thankful to be alive after surviving a fiery plane crash by parachuting out of the aircraft just before it crashed onto an interstate near Burlington, Vermont.

Dan Marcotte, an airplane mechanic who has also worked as a stunt pilot for 10 years, was flying the single-engine plane when "something catastrophically broke and interfered with the controls."

"I'm fortunate and my family is fortunate that I'm here," he said.

Marcotte said that at some point a loud explosion ripped through the plane and debris pulled the canopy off it.

Although Marcotte was able to escape with minor injuries, he needed help from rescuers after he became stuck in trees about a mile from the wreckage.

"[I] wasn't hurt a bit, may have a couple of bruises on my shins," said Marcotte. "Most of us in the industry do expect things like this would happen so we prepare for it."

On Marcotte's Facebook page for Dan Marcotte Airshows, a post updated fans on his condition.

"As you can see from pictures Dan spent some time hanging out in a tree (which was a welcomed place to 'land' after missing a grid of power lines in the immediate area," read the post. "Practice High, Know your Egress Routine, Fly Safe, and NEVER GIVE UP!"

In spite of the fiery crash on the interstate no drivers were hurt, said Vermont State Police.

Marcotte said the crash won't deter him from getting back into a cockpit.

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Memorial Service Marks 19th Anniversary of Oklahoma City Bombing

Universal Images Group via Getty Images(OKLAHOMA CITY) -- A remembrance ceremony was held Saturday morning in honor of the 19th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

The deadly bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City killed 168 people and injured nearly 700.

Governor Mary Fallin, who was lieutenant governor at the time of the bombing, offered an upbeat message at Saturday's memorial.

"It was an attack that could have easily crippled our city. It could have easily crippled our state. It could have left our people hopeless but it did not," Fallin said. "We worked together. We comforted each other. We rebuilt and today we are a more prosperous city and a stronger state."

Mayor Mick Cornett also spoke at the ceremony, during which he talked about the site's great significance.

"Geographically it is in the center of country, the center of the state, the center of the city but I would maintain this is the heart of our country," Cornett said, "As I travel I continually meet people who have visited our memorial and they want to tell me how much their lives were changed just by a simple visit to this place."

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