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'Heroes' Tackle Gunman Firing at School Children

Photo Courtesy - Getty ImagesCARLSBAD, Calif. -- Two children were injured when a gunman opened fire at Kelly Elementary School in Carlsbad, Calif. Friday.  The children were taken to a children's hospital with minor wounds to their arms.

The suspect, described only as an adult male, is in custody after being chased and tackled by witnesses at the scene.

Jordan Sears was driving by the school when he heard a shot.  "We heard one gunshot go off and we looked up and we saw a gentleman in all black with a jack-o-lantern running sideways shooting toward the kids," he told ABC News.

Carlsbad Mayor Claude "Bud" Lewis praised the men who subdued the gunman.  "I would also like to commend our local citizens for their heroic efforts to stop the shooter," Lewis said. "I am proud of the quick and thorough response of Carlsbad safety personnel and all of the other agencies (that) assisted throughout the incident."

A school administrator said that Kelly Elementary will be open on Monday if the school is no longer a crime scene.  Counselors will also be available for students.

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