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DOJ Says No Charges to be Filed in Destruction of Interrogation Tapes

Photo Courtesy - CIA [dot] gov(WASHINGTON) -- The Justice Department on Tuesday released a statement saying no one will be charged in the CIA's destruction of videotapes showing controversial interrogation methods being used on detainees.

Assistant United States Attorney John Durham has been working with a team of FBI agents and federal prosecutors to determine whether any crimes were committed, either by CIA agents or contractors working for the U.S. government.  The investigation could have led to charges of obstruction of justice, false statements and the violation of U.S. torture statues.

Ninety-two tapes apparently showing harsh treatment, including the so-called "waterboarding" technique, were destroyed in 2005.  The CIA has said its motive in getting rid of them was to protect agency veterans whose security could be compromised after the widely publicized Abu Ghraib photos surfaced.
The destruction of the tapes was triggered by Jose Rodriguez, who was chief of the agency's directorate of operations. 

CIA Director Leon E. Panetta responded to the Justice Department’s statement saying:

“The Department of Justice informed me this morning that no criminal charges will be brought against Agency officers for the destruction of video tapes of CIA detainee interrogations…The Agency has cooperated with the investigation of this issue from the start, and we welcome the decision.  We will continue, of course, to cooperate with the Department of Justice on any other aspects of the former program that it reviews.  But we are pleased that the decision was made not to charge any Agency officers for the destruction of the tapes.”

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