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Alleged Stabber Kills Four Before Police End New York City Spree

Photo Courtesy - New York Police Dept./WABC-TV New York(NEW YORK) -- A gruesome string of killings in New York City was put to an end Saturday, when police corralled a man they allege stabbed at least six people, killing four of them.

Maksim Gelman, 23, is the man police have arrested for allegedly going on an unmatched spree of stabbings and carjackings, all in just 28 hours.

"It's so horrendous and bizarre. We have no reason we can give you as to why he did this," said New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

The police have created a timeline of events, which they believe shows where Gelman went and what he did.

At 5:09 a.m. on Friday, Gelman got into an argument with his mother over whether or not he could drive her Lexus. He then stabbed his stepfather 11 times, police said.

Later that day, at 10:20 a.m., he went to his ex-girlfriend's house and stabbed her mother 11 times. He then staked out the apartment, police allege, until his ex-girlfriend returned home, and stabbed her around 4:15 p.m.

Just five minutes later as he was driving away, he rear-ended a car and then went up to it and stabbed the driver three times in the chest, police say. Gelman then stole the car, and while driving it at 4:25 p.m, he hit and killed a 60-year-old man.

Police said at 12:55 a.m. Saturday, he stabbed a taxi driver. Then at 1 a.m., he stabbed and killed another driver, stealing his car in the process.

Gelman was finally tracked down on a subway car by riders who recognized his picture from the newspaper. They alerted police, who got to him, but not before Gelman was able to stab a subway passenger in the neck, with what police have said was a kitchen knife.

While police have no motive, they know Gelman has a long history with law enforcement. He has been arrested ten other times, mostly for graffiti-related offenses. Authorities said his most recent arrest was on Jan. 26 for charges relating to crack cocaine.

Charges against Gelman are pending, police said.

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