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Alleged Victim Says He Was Twice Threatened by Jerry Sandusky

Rob Carr/Getty Images(BELLEFONTE, Pa.) -- Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky twice threatened an 11-year-old boy over oral sex, once telling the frightened kid he would "never see my family again" if he spoke about the alleged assault, a witness testified Wednesday in the sex abuse trial.

The witness, who is now 25 and identified by ABC News only as Victim 10, told the court that he was in Sandusky's basement in 1998 when they were wrestling and the "defendant pinned me to the ground and pulled my shorts down and started performing oral sex on me," he said.

"I freaked out.  I was scared," Victim 10 testified.  The witness said the alleged assault lasted "a couple of minutes."

"He then went back upstairs.  He told me if I told anyone that I would never see my family again," the witness said.

Sandusky later returned to the basement.  "He apologized for saying that and that he didn't mean it and that he loved me," Victim 10 said.

The witness said that on another occasion he was riding in Sandusky's car when the coach asked the boy to perform oral sex on him, and the boy refused.

"He got displeased with what I told him.  He made a threat to me," Victim 10 testified, and said he then carried out the sex act that Sandusky allegedly demanded.

Victim 10, who was living in a foster home at the time, was the third adult to describe in wrenching detail alleged sex assaults carried out by Sandusky on young boys.  The former Penn State assistant coach is charged with 52 counts of sex abuse stemming from 10 alleged victims.  Sandusky, 68, could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted of the charges.

Victim 10 said that during his second year at the Second Mile summer camp, Sandusky swam up between his legs, lifted the boy on his shoulders, and reached up under his shorts and fondled him.  The boy felt uncomfortable, but did not say anything.

Sandusky then began asking to hang out with the boy, taking him to football games and to his house, where he sexually assaulted the boy "at least five times," the man said.  The man's roommate at that camp is also an accuser in the case, according to testimony elicited by defense attorney Joseph Amendola, who tried to point to a relationship between the two victims and the possibility of collusion.  Victim 10 said he had not spoken to the other accuser in the past year.

Amendola also questioned Victim 10 about his criminal past, including a recent 23-month stint in state prison for robbery of an "older gentleman," and an earlier theft conviction which Victim 10 confirmed.  He said he is now married and expecting his first child.  He also said he was not represented by any private attorney, upon Amendola's questioning.

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