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America's Most Toxic Cities: Where Does Yours Rate?

Jupiterimages/ThinkStock(NEW YORK) -- Philadelphia has been ranked as the top city on a list that no city wants to be on -- the list of the most toxic cities in America.

The city best known for cheese steak sandwiches, is now also known for its toxicity, according to Forbes magazine, as Philadelphia sits atop Forbes' list of 2011 Most Toxic Cities. Other major cities at the top include New York City, which comes in at number four, and Los Angeles, one of four California cities in the top ten.

The list was determined by taking the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, and averaging their rankings in the following areas: air quality, water quality, the number of days when their Air Quality Index (AQI) was above 100 in 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Toxics Release Inventory (TRI), and Superfund sites -- areas in a city that contain hazardous waste, but are no longer in use. AQI is rated on a scale of zero to 500, with an AQI of over 100 capable of inducing respiratory problems for people with lung disease, and higher numbers bringing additional problems, according to Forbes.

The following is a list of the top 10 toxic cities:
1. Philadelphia
2. Bakersfield, Calif.
3. Fresno, Calif.
4. New York
5. Baton Rouge, La.
6. Los Angeles
7. Houston
8. St. Louis
9. Salt Lake City
10. Riverside-San Bernardino, Calif.

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