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Arrests After Occupy San Francisco Invades, Vandalizes Bank of America Branch

Jin Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images(SAN FRANCISCO) -- About 100 Occupy San Francisco protesters were arrested Wednesday when they refused to leave a Bank of America branch that they took over for four hours, much to the chagrin of bank employees, customers, and cops.

The movement, which was spawned in New York City two months ago on Thursday, has expressed their opposition to what members see as corporate greed and income disparities between the nation's wealthiest Americans and the rest of the population Occupy Wall Street has deemed the "99 percenters."

Many of those in the Occupy San Francisco movement who participated in the Bank of America occupation Wednesday were students from UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz, protesting tuition hikes and budget cuts at California schools.

While inside the bank, protesters banged drums, jumped on desks, shouted slogans and committed acts of vandalism, scrawling words like "Greed" on the walls. Bank employees and customers fled the building in the face of the occupiers' actions.

The majority of protesters also left the building, although about 100 remained.  After waiting for reinforcements, dozens of police in riot gear went inside the bank and arrested the protesters, citing them for misdemeanor trespassing and taking them to police stations for processing.

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