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Bird Death Mystery: More Dying Birds Fall From Louisiana Sky

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(LITTLE ROCK, Ark.) -- The mystery of the dying birds deepened for baffled experts after another 500 birds were found littering a Louisiana highway days after 5,000 red-winged blackbirds plunged to their death in Arkansas on New Year's Eve.

Just 300 miles away from Beebe, Arkansas, where thousands of dying birds fell from the sky this past weekend, Louisiana officials revealed that hundreds of birds were found dead Monday.

"We have blackbirds, starlings, sparrows.  Several species of birds are affected," said Dr. Jim Lacour, Louisiana's state wildlife veterinarian.

The birds were found in the Labarre community, 30 miles from Baton Rouge.  Officials say that the two incidents are pure coincidence and unrelated to one another.

Louisiana officials believe the birds fell to their death either late Sunday or early Monday after flying into a power line.  The birds sustained injuries from broken beaks to broken backs.  What prompted the birds to fly into the power line, however, is still a mystery.

The bigger mystery remains the mass death of 5,000 redwing blackbirds in Beebe.  Newly-released 911 calls reveal the initial confusion people felt at the site of birds littering their roads, yards and roofs.

"They are like bleeding out of the mouth and some of them are not dead.  I think they have been poisoned," one Arkansas caller said.

Another caller asked, "I was wondering why all the birds, are just like, dying?"

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