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Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Honored on Little League Opening Day

The Richard Family(DORCHESTER, Mass.) – Saturday was the opening day for Boston-area little league, where Martin Richard, the youngest victim of the Boston Marathon bombings, would have played. He was honored by the community and his teammates at a ceremony before the first pitch.

The event began with a parade complete with drums and bagpipes, before a minister lead the crowd in prayer.

“We prayerfully remember all those who have gone before us,” the minster said. “Obviously and especially Martin whose life was short and lived here partially on this field.”

“Martin Richard… is on this field with us today, he is on this field watching us play baseball today,” said State Representative Martin Walsh.

Though the event focused on Martin’s life and what he loved, some could help but feel the reality of his absence.

“It's really sad, you know, he couldn't even throw the first pitch or nothing,” remarked seven-year-old Anthony Manion, who was upset that Richard wasn’t with his team.

“Just an awful tragedy, a tragic thing that he can't be here today,” said Denise Mitchell, who says her son and the boy were close friends.

A board member of the Dorchester League announced that they had reached their financial goals for the year and any additional money they receive will be donated to the Martin Richard Fund.

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