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#BostonBlizzardChallenge: Boston Mayor Says Stop Jumping Out of Windows

Fuse/Thinkstock(BOSTON) -- Not-so-wicked-smaht Bostonians are stripping down to their underwear and jumping out of their windows into piles of snow to take the #BostonBlizzardChallenge spreading on social media.

Though clips of half-naked residents plunging into the snow have social media users amused, Boston's mayor isn't laughing.

"This isn't Loon Mountain," Mayor Martin Walsh said in a news conference on Monday, referring to a New Hampshire ski resort. "This is the city of Boston, where we're trying to remove snow off of the street, and it becomes very dangerous."

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"The last thing we want to do is respond to an emergency call where somebody jumped out of the window because they thought it was a funny thing to do," he added.

The latest blizzard this past Sunday has officially made this February the snowiest month the city has seen in its entire history. It's also left Boston struggling to remove more than seven feet of snow that has accumulated over the past three weeks.

But some folks are not only making use of the seven feet to do daredevil jumps, but also to go swimming.


#bostonblizzardchallenge 😂😭😂😭 3rd floor edition !! It's a costume

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"These four storms we've had in a row are doing a tremendous wear and tear on our streets," said Walsh.

The snow seems to be driving the entire city crazy -- and some to the point of jumping off of roofs three stories high and into snowbanks.

“I’m asking people to stop this nonsense right now. These are adults jumping out windows," said Walsh.

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