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Casey Anthony Back in Florida

Red Huber-Pool/Getty Images(ORLANDO, Fla.) -- Casey Anthony, the Florida woman acquitted of murdering daughter Caylee, is back in her home state of Florida, defense attorney Jose Baez told a media outlet.

In an interview with Fox News, Baez confirmed his 25-year-old client's whereabouts.

"She is back in Florida. We brought her back in the event the appellate court rules sometime this week. And we're going to follow the letter of the law," Baez told Fox News' Geraldo Rivera on Sunday.

Anthony was ordered earlier this month by Judge Belvin Perry to return to Florida to serve a year's probation stemming from a check fraud case. She is scheduled to report by Aug. 26. Her defense team has appealed that decision.

Since her release from the Orange County Jail on July 17, Anthony's only confirmed whereabouts have been in Ohio, where photos and video posted by showed her shopping in an Old Navy store and walking with a frozen drink in her hand.

The dispute over Anthony's probation stems from a check fraud conviction in 2010. Before her first degree murder trial, Anthony pleaded guilty to stealing checks from best friend Amy Huizenga during the time that Caylee was missing.

Judge Stan Strickland, who presided over that case, ordered Anthony to serve 412 days in jail and a year's probation when she was released from jail. An error was made on the written sentencing documents, which allowed Anthony, 25, to serve her probation while in jail awaiting trial.

Anthony's defense lawyers claimed that forcing Anthony to serve probation again is an "illegal sentence" and puts her in harm's way especially if she must serve the probation in Florida. Anthony was the subject of public vitriol and death threats throughout her trial, and following her release.

Perry criticized defense attorney Baez for allowing his client to serve probation while in jail when he knew it was against the court's wishes.

The Florida Bar is investigating Baez over his handling of his client's probation in the check fraud case, ABC Affiliate WFTV reported.

Baez responded to WFTV saying, "I am looking forward to the Bar completing its investigation, so that it can be dismissed just like the 20 previous complaints. It is part of the job whenever you fight an unpopular case."

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