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Casey Anthony Rejects Mom Cindy's Jailhouse Visit

Red Huber-Pool/Getty Images(ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.) -- Casey Anthony has rejected a jailhouse visit from her mother in what appears to have been the first step by Anthony's parents to speak to her since she was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

Despite being found not guilty of murder, Casey Anthony must spend another nine days in jail because she was found guilty of lying to law enforcement officials.

Her mother, Cindy Anthony, tried to visit her daughter at the Orange County jail, but was turned away by Casey Anthony, according to sources familiar with the visit. Cindy Anthony went to jail without her husband, George Anthony.

It was the latest sign of how badly estranged Casey Anthony is from her parents. Cindy Anthony gave tearful testimony about the disappearance of her granddaughter Caylee during the murder trial after being called as a prosecution witness.

Her most damning comment was made in a 911 call that her granddaughter was missing and the car trunk smelled like someone had died there. Cindy Anthony later tried to retract that statement.

Cindy Anthony also tried to take responsibility during the trial for numerous searches on the family computer for chloroform. Prosecutors claimed Casey Anthony killed Caylee with a combination of chloroform and duct over her nose and mouth. Prosecutors brought in additional witnesses who testified that Cindy Anthony was at work, not at home, when the chloroform searches were made.

The most telling moment of the animosity between Casey Anthony and her parents came when Cindy Anthony left the witness stand and mouthed the words "I love you" to her daughter. Casey Anthony rolled her eyes and looked away.

Casey Anthony is scheduled to be released from jail on Sunday, July 17 amid concerns about her safety. Her not guilty verdict has sparked outrage outside the Orlando, Fla., courtroom where she was tried and across the country.

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