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Casey Anthony's Dad Shook with Anger over Her Acquittal

Hand Out/ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- Casey Anthony's father shook in disbelief when he realized that his daughter was about to be acquitted of any role in the death of his granddaughter, Caylee.

George Anthony said on the Dr. Phil show Monday that he was disappointed by the verdict in his daughter's murder trial.

"I remember I started to shake... I got this deepness feeling in my heart... Then the second charge came through not guilty.  I'm like, ok, she'll be in jail for a while" for her role in Caylee's death.

"Then the third one came through for aggravated child abuse [and] nothing... I'm like, oh my God, my daughter is going to walk out of here and I'm never going to know about Caylee," George Anthony told Phil McGraw.

Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder and found guilty of lying to police.  She was released from Orange County Jail on July 17.

"I didn't want to see my daughter put to death.  I wanted her to be held responsible for my granddaughter and I still do," he said.

Casey Anthony's mother, Cindy, said that she prayed for her daughter to be acquitted of all charges.

"I was elated when all three of them came not guilty," Cindy Anthony told McGraw.

George Anthony grimaced as he rewatched defense attorney Jose Baez's opening statement that accused him of molesting his daughter.

"That was an extreme low blow," George Anthony said.  "I wanted to go and jump over this little railing…and I wanted to confront Mr. Baez… I haven't cared for him from day one."

George Anthony said that he does not believe that Caylee drowned and believes Baez was playing on the emotions of his wife and son, Lee Anthony.

"My whole take is that Cindy's emotional state was played, her heart was played the whole time through Jose, through my daughter," George Anthony said.  "I wanted my daughter to have a good defense, but I also didn't want to be played like a fool."

George Anthony previously told McGraw that he believes his daughter overdosed Caylee so that she could go out partying.

Baez challenged those claims on The View Monday.

"I think it's preposterous and it certainly doesn't surprise me that he's making these statements.  Now his recent claim that Casey and someone else may have drugged Caylee, it's sad that he would say that.  Caylee died on a Monday afternoon... If you live in Orlando, you know there's not many parties on a Monday afternoon," Baez said.

George Anthony said that he felt Baez turned him into a target to create reasonable doubt in the mind of the jurors.  Cindy Anthony told McGraw that Casey Anthony's defense team could have attacked the Anthony family even more, but she believes her daughter made Jose Baez hold back.

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