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Casey Anthony's Mom Searched for Chloroform on Computer

Orange County Government, Florida(ORLANDO, Fla.) -- Cindy Anthony, the mother of Casey Anthony, testified in an Orlando, Florida courtroom Thursday afternoon that she did computer searches for chloroform, stunning prosecutors who hoped to use the searches to link Casey to the alleged premeditated murder of her daughter, Caylee.

Cindy Anthony caught the prosecution off-guard by taking responsibility for some of the computer searches made in March 2008, nearly three months before Caylee disappeared.

Caylee, 2, disappeared on June 16, 2008.  Casey Anthony, 25, is charged with her daughter's murder and could face the death penalty if convicted.

Following the shocking testimony, an attorney for Cindy and George Anthony refuted for a second time a report in another media outlet that the couple believe their daughter is guilty of murder.

"My clients support their daughter," said Mark Lippman, attorney for George and Cindy Anthony.  "They don't know what she's guilty of, if anything."

Lippman said that the couple is there to support Casey Anthony and do not want to see her receive the death penalty.

"They simply want to know the truth.  They have no idea what happened. ... That's why they're there [in court]," he said.

Lippman also denied that George Anthony had anything to do with Caylee's disappearance or that he had sexually abused Casey Anthony.  Both are accusations the defense hurled to jurors during opening statements when they said the child accidentally drowned in the family pool and George Anthony helped dispose of the body.

The prosecution contends that Caylee Anthony died from potent chloroform and duct tape placed over her nose and mouth.  Trial witnesses have testified that Casey Anthony's car reeked of death and tested positive for chloroform.

Computer analysts have previously testified that someone from the Anthony family home searched under Casey Anthony's profile for things such as "chloroform," "neck breaking" and "household weapons."

Cindy Anthony said on Thursday that she searched for "chloroform," "alcohol," "acetone," "peroxide" and "inhalation."

She also dropped another bombshell regarding Casey Anthony's Pontiac Sunfire, the car that the prosecution alleges held Caylee's decomposing remains.

The prosecution has said that the car showed two stains that could be from decompositional fluid.  But Cindy Anthony said on Thursday that the stains had been there since the family bought the car.

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