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Cat Lost During Superstorm Sandy Comes Home

WPVI(NEW YORK) -- A cat that went missing during Superstorm Sandy miraculously found its way home this week after being gone for six months.

The black cat with glowing green eyes named Porsche is believed to have walked at least seven miles on his journey back to his caretaker Uranie Roberts’ home on Chadwick Island in New Jersey.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Roberts said.  “I pulled open my blinds and he was on the back porch wailing his lungs out.”

During Hurricane Sandy, Roberts had to evacuate her home after she lost power, water and gas.  She left in a rubber boat with her two cats and daughter.  Roberts, Porsche and her other cat, Diva, went to stay with her step-daughter in Point Pleasant, N.J.

After her first week in the new home, Roberts noticed Porsche wasn’t coming to eat.

“I said, ‘You know what?  Porsche is among the missing,’” Roberts said.  “He’s a very nervous, quiet sort of cat and everything spooks him, so between all of the generators in the area and people taking down tree limbs, it must have frightened the living daylights of him.”

Roberts then moved into a rental home and said it broke her heart leaving her step-daughter’s home without Porsche.

“We left with a heavy heart because, every night when I said my prayers, I’d say to St. Francis and St. Anthony, ‘Please watch over Porsche and keep him safe, and if you can bring him home, please do so,” Roberts said.

Porsche did have an identification tag on.

“Many days we looked for him,” Roberts said.  “Everyone looked for him.  We called all the different agencies and every time they said found a black cat, we’d go running.”

But the unclaimed cats were never Porsche.  Roberts said she experienced a double heartbreak when her other cat, Diva, was struck and killed by a car outside of her rental home.

Once Roberts was finally able to move back into her home on Chadwick Island, she adopted a new cat, Riri.  Last week, Roberts heard a commotion outside on her porch.

“I said, ‘Riri, don’t you like your dinner?’  And she scurried off,” Roberts said.

That’s when she saw Porsche, meowing for food.

“He came right in and finished the food up.  He looked very good for being out almost six months,” Roberts said.

Roberts is amazed he was alive after so long.

Porsche used to go around the neighborhood chasing mice, but Roberts said now he stays close to home.  She has no idea how Porsche made his way back home, but said he’s a sneaky and charming cat that probably found back roads.

“There’s so much heartbreak to see all the homes destroyed,” Roberts said.  “It’s heartbreaking, but at least we had a happy ending.  I wish that for very many more people affected by Sandy.”

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