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Final Investigative Report Issued on BP Oil Spill

M WATSON/AFP/Getty Images(NEW ORLEANS) -– The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) along with the U.S. Coast Guard Joint Investigation Team (JIT) have finally released their investigative report on the April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion and resulting oil spill.

The report not only blames BP, but also points fingers at its contractors, the drillers and rig operators, including Transocean and Halliburton.

It comes as the result of no fewer than seven public hearings and the testimonies of 80 witnesses and experts. In the report, the bureau has made dozens of recommendations that could significantly change how the offshore oil drilling industry operates in the gulf.


The JIT was formed in late April of 2010 by order of the Departments of the Interior and  Homeland security to investigate the causes of the Deepwater Horizon explosion, and to make recommendations to ensure safe operations for future oil and gas activities.

The reforms launched by BOEMRE include strengthening requirements for well design, workplace safety and corporate accountability. An additional rule would incorporate additional safety requirements related specifically to the findings of the investigation.

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