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Girl Scouts dress up as iconic women for Women’s History Month

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- To celebrate Women’s History Month, a group of Girl Scouts stepped into the shoes of iconic female leaders, from Amelia Earhart to Lucille Ball and Condoleezza Rice.

The New York-area Girl Scouts, chosen from a pool of more than 300 applicants, physically and mentally transformed into the women for a photo shoot.

“When we saw the girls try on the clothes or images of such powerful women they did start standing a little taller and walking with a greater sense of confidence,” said Andrea Bastiani Archibald, Ph.D., chief girl and parent expert at Girl Scouts of the USA. “Even when they took off the clothing, they continued it.”

Girl Scouts of the USA partnered on the project with Tricia Messeroux, creator and photographer of, which is known for transforming everyday kids into celebrities as seen on the red carpets of major awards shows.

Messeroux, who squeezed the Girl Scouts photo shoot in between her coverage of this year’s Grammy Awards and Oscars, said she was particularly thrilled to help with this project.

“I want to make sure our girls know that no matter what, you can still do whatever you want to do and don’t let anyone stop you,” she said. “That despite what happens in the world, stay focused, be determined, do what you want to do in your life for the better and you will be successful.”

The women leaders represented in the photo series, in addition to Earhart, Ball and Rice, include Hillary Clinton, actress Whoopi Goldberg, Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low, designer Vera Wang, entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker, astronaut Mae Jemison, singer Celia Cruz and the real-life characters of “Hidden Figures” -- Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson.

“The biggest thing in choosing these women is that we tried to be diverse as possible in industry and in race and culture,” Messeroux said. “We wanted to most definitely, especially with a project like this, make sure that all girls are represented.”

Messeroux described the Girl Scouts, all elementary age, as being “elated” during the photo shoot and said they educated each other on the woman they each represented.

Girl Scouts of the USA is sharing the photos of the girls as women leaders on its social media accounts. The organization hopes the celebration of women leaders extends beyond the month of March.

“Women’s history should be celebrated year-round,” Bastiani said. “This gives great, easy ways for families and troop leaders and educators around the country to enable girls to step into the roles and better understand the important impact women have on society.”

Speaking of the photo shoot, Bastiani added, “This wasn’t just a dress up day. The girls really came to understand the women’s accomplishments and appreciate them.”

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