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Group Initiates Free Shotgun Giveaway

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(ORLANDO, Fla.) -- The Armed Citizen Project has a plan to make firearms free to people in 15 U.S. cities for a monetary donation.

The group says if people can't afford to contribute, they can still receive a free shotgun.

Ron Ritter, the Florida chapter's president, has organized the giveaway in Orlando, not far from Sanford, where the Travyon Martin shooting took place in February 2012.

He explains The Armed Citizen Project's mission is to offer protection to homeowners, adding that when a home is being invaded, "There's a difference between how long it takes for the police to get there, and how fast my bullet can get there."

Disputing comparisons to the Martin shooting, Ritter says, "We're not putting concealed pistols out on the streets.  We're putting shotguns inside the home.  It's a completely different thing."

As far as the legality of distributing free shotguns is concerned, Ritter contends the group is breaking no Florida laws because the firearms were being transferred by dealers with a Federal Firearms License.

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