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High School Limits Students’ Bathroom Visits

Hemera Technologies/Thinkstocs(TINLEY PARK, Ill) -- Evergreen Park (Ill.) High School, home of the Mustangs, allows teachers to limit their students to three bathroom breaks per semester. Students who go above the limit must stay after school to make up the missed class time.

According to the (Tinley Park) Southtown Star, Principal Bill Sanderson introduced the policy in response to teacher frustration. “How do we stop kids from going to the bathroom to get out of class, how do we make them accountable?” Sanderson said teachers asked him.

Some parents are angry. Cathi Diamond told the Star the bathroom-frequenting of a “small group of kids” was jeopardizing her daughter’s ability to attend drama club if she broke the rule by simply answering nature’s call.

Linda Gigliello told the Star her daughter, Dominique, 15, had a history of urinary tract infections and may get more if she had to “hold it,” a statement she may have regretted the next time she spoke to her daughter.

Dr. David Zumerchik, a urologist contacted by the paper, said this would be unlikely, but he called the policy “silly.”

According to the school’s bell schedule, there are five minutes between classes. Dominique Gigliello told the Star this wasn’t enough time.

Copyrigth 2011 ABC News Radio

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