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How Not to Get a Ticket: Ex-Cop Offers Tips

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- No driver likes getting a ticket.  So when you are pulled over, what can you do to minimize the damage to your wallet?

First, realize the risk of serious danger to the officer is quite real.

“Cops get killed on car stops,” said Jerry Kane, a retired New York Police Department officer.  Kane said if you’re pulled over, you should realize the officer will be on high alert.

“The most dangerous thing to the cop when he comes up to the car are the hands of someone, because they could hold a weapon,” he said.

Drivers and passengers have been known to come out shooting -- a fact cops are well aware of as they walk up to your vehicle.

“If he can see everybody’s hands, immediately his blood pressure goes down, his pulse gets a bit slower,” Kane said.  “If it’s nighttime, turn on the interior lights in your car.  If it’s night or day, lower all the windows on your car. … And put your hands up on the steering wheel -- high, where the cop can see them.”

This may make the officer more understanding and lenient, Kane said.

“If you were gonna get some discretion, you now set up that possibility,” he said.

The officer may then ask if you know what you did wrong.  Kane said to be apologetic, but don’t feel you have to admit anything.

“You can play dumb.  You can say, ‘What did I do?’  And if he tells you what you did, you could say, ‘I must have…you know, I just didn’t realize it,’” Kane said.

Does it work to cry?

“Only for women,” Kane said, laughing.

What if she shows a little leg?

“Since men and women were created, attractive women get more breaks,” he said.

Finally, do as Kane does: keep your speed less than 10 miles per hour over the limit.

“If you were my brother or my cousin and asked me, that’s what I would tell you,” he said.

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