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James 'Whitey' Bulger Faces the Judge in Boston 

WCVB-TV Boston(BOSTON) -- James J. "Whitey" Bulger, a suspected organized-crime boss charged in connection with 19 murders, arrived at Boston's federal courthouse Friday afternoon after he and his companion, Catherine Greig, were arrested during an FBI-led ruse in California.

Two federal judges presided over seperate hearings for Bulger, each ordered him to remain in federal custory. Bulger asked for a public defender, but prosecutors reminded the court the alleged mob boss was found with $800-thousand in cash.  Asked whether he could afford his own attorney, Bulger told the judge, "I could, if you give me my money." 

Bulger had been on the run since the mid-1990s. Friday, three courtrooms, including the one in which Bulger was due to appear, were overflowing. Outside the courthouse, a crowd numbering about 100 included a mix of the media and curious onlookers.

Bulger, 81, and Greig, 60, were arrested Wednesday night after the FBI received a tip from a publicity campaign it had launched targeting Greig. They appeared in a federal courtroom in Los Angeles Thursday.

The FBI lured the reported one-time leader of the Winter Hill Gang out of his nondescript California apartment near the Santa Monica pier by telling him that someone might have broken into his storage locker. Once they nabbed the man allegedly connected to at least 19 murders, they found $800,000 in cash stuffed in his apartment walls and 30 weapons stored in hollowed-out books.

Some of the cash was stuffed in walls and some of the guns were found in hollowed-out books, officials said. There was also a packed bag to make for an easy getaway.

FBI officials have yet to release details about who gave police the credible tip and won't say whether the person will receive the $2.1 million reward offered for the capture of the couple.

Law enforcement officials told ABC News that it didn't surprise them that Bulger was hiding in plain sight.

Bulger could face life in prison for the charges against him in Boston and possibly the death penalty for charges filed elsewhere, if he is convicted, Ortiz said. Greig could face up to five years in prison for harboring a fugitive.

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