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Jerry Sandusky: 'I'm Not the Monster Everyone Made Me Out to Be'

Patrick Smith/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Jerry Sandusky, the man at the center of the Penn State sex abuse scandal defended himself against sexual abuse allegations for the first time in an on camera interview.

"These allegations are false, I didn't do those things," Sandusky told the New York Times in an extensive interview. "I'm not the monster everyone made me out to be. I didn't engage in sexual acts."

Sandusky has been charged with molesting eight boys over the course of 15 years. He is set to return to court for a preliminary hearing on Dec. 13.

Sandusky said former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno never talked to him about any alleged incidents of abuse with minors.

"I don't know that he didn't know. I know that he never said anything to me, I know that," Sandusky told the Times. "I never talked to him about either one.”

On Paterno's knowledge, Sandusky said, "He's the only one who knows whether anybody ever said anything to him."

Paterno was fired by Penn State Trustees on Nov. 9.

When Sandusky was first confronted by a Penn State official about the incident where young Assistant Coach Mike McQueary claimed to have seen him raping a boy in the team showers he said, "that it didn't happen, in my mind there wasn't inappropriate behavior."

He said his punishment was to no longer bring children to the college's football facilities.

"He didn't want me to bring kids in there and work them out anymore, and I remember saying well could I just work them out? And he said no."

In addition, Sandusky said the charity he worked for never restricted his access to young people, until he was the subject of a criminal investigation in 2008.

Sandusky also discussed his answer to a question whether he was sexually attracted to underage boys.

"I was sitting there like, 'what in the world is this question?',” he said. “If I say, 'no I'm not attracted to boys,' that's not the truth because I'm attracted to young people—boys, girls.”

He went on to clarify that statement: "I enjoy spending time with young people. I enjoy spending time with people. I mean, my two favorite groups are the elderly and the young," he said. "The young because they don't think about what they say and the old because they don't care, you know?"

Throughout the interview, Sandusky defended his decades of working with children.

"I miss coaching, I miss second mile, I miss second mile kids, I miss having relationships with all kinds of people. I miss my own grandkids," he said.

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