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Jodi Arias Alleges Ex-Boyfriend Turned On by Boy's Underwear

ABC News(PHOENIX) -- Accused murderer Jodi Arias claimed Monday that her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander sent her young boys' Spiderman-themed underwear in the mail and wanted her to wear them during sex, saying the thought of her in them was "hot."

She is expected to continue testifying Monday about Alexander's alleged sexual interest in young boys, including a claim that he masturbated to pictures of young boys.

Arias also said that while sleeping next to Travis at his home one night, she awoke to find him on top of her, having sex with her, without her consent.

The statements come as Arias and her defense team attempt to portray Alexander a "sexual deviant" who was abusive and controlling toward Arias. They are hoping the details of Alexander's allegedly sordid sexual behavior will help convince a jury that Arias killed Alexander in self defense.

Arias, 32, is on trial for allegedly murdering Alexander in 2008 in a violent attack that left her former boyfriend with 27 stab wounds, a slashed throat, and two bullets in his head. She could face the death penalty if convicted.

But Arias and her attorneys' have tried to prove that Alexander, an elder in the Mormon Church, was a "sexual deviant" who treated Arias cruelly and hid his interest in erotic sex from his Mormon friends and the church.

"I called him and we discussed what I received (in the mail) and we laughed about it. But then I said, 'What's with the Spideys?' I called them Spideys, and he asked me to try them on," Arias said. "He made suggestions (on how to alter them) and he said 'that's hot.'"

Arias said that Alexander encouraged her to wear the underwear the next time they had a sexual encounter, but that she avoided doing so. From the time they met in the fall of 2006 until the beginning of 2007, Arias and Alexander had an intense sexual relationship that included anal and oral sex as well as phone sex and pictures of Alexander's penis, but they avoided intercourse because they were both practicing Mormons. Pre-marital intercourse is prohibited for Mormons.

In 2007, Arias said she spent a weekend at Alexander's house and before going to bed the pair prayed to follow the church's law of chastity more closely. Later that night, she awoke to find Alexander having sex with her.

"I woke up and he was on top of me, and had already penetrated and started having sex with me," she said.

"He was on top of me, on my stomach, and was heavy, so I started to squirm a little and began to quicken... his pace, and I either pushed him off or got out from under him, and he rolled over and pulled me on top of him and started pushing my head and shoulders under the covers. I presume for oral sex. No words were spoke."

Arias admitted that she did not tell Alexander to stop, saying that she didn't want Alexander to be upset with her. He had complained of feeling sexually frustrated previously, she said.

Later Monday, Arias will likely testify about the incident she says happened in January 2008, when she claims she saw Alexander masturbating as he looked at pictures of young boys. She continued to have a sexual relationship with him after that until June 2008, when she had sex with him and then killed him at his home in Mesa, Ariz.

The prosecution petitioned Judge Sherry Stephens to ban from the trial the allegations of masturbating to boys' pictures, saying there was no evidence to support Arias' claims. Police found no photos of young boys on Alexander's computer or in his home, and found no evidence that would indicate he tried to erase anything on his hard drive.

Additionally, they claim that Arias gave two different accounts of the incident, telling one expert that the images were on Alexander's computer, and later testifying at a hearing that that they were hard copies of photos spread out on his bed.

But Stephens ruled on Thursday that she would allow the testimony.

Arias' defense team has also tried to include 10 letters that they say Alexander wrote as evidence of his attraction to boys.

Handwriting experts for the defense claim that the letters were written by Alexander, while experts for the prosecution say they were forged.

The letters may be admitted into testimony Monday.

The defense may also play an audio recording of a phone conversation between Arias and Alexander from 2008 that is sexual in nature.

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