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Jodi Arias: 'No Jury Will Convict Me' for Murdering Ex-Boyfriend

ABC News(PHOENIX) -- The jury in the Jodi Arias murder trial watched a television interview on Thursday in which Arias said "no jury will convict me" for killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

Arias added that she could never imagine committing such a violent act as killing Alexander.

"I understand all the evidence is really compelling," she said in the interview.  "In a nutshell, two people came in and killed Travis.  I've never even shot a gun.  That's heinous.  I can't imagine slitting anyone's throat."

She went on to tell the interviewer, "No jury will convict me and you can mark my words on that. ... I am innocent."

Arias made the statements to the television show Inside Edition after she was indicted for murdering Alexander.  Months later, she would confess to killing him in his Mesa, Ariz., home and say it was in self-defense.

The tape was played on the fifth day of testimony in Arias' trial, in which police allege that she carried out the murder with such brutal force that she stabbed Alexander 27 times, slashed his throat from ear to ear, and shot him in the head.

Arias, now 32, has claimed Alexander was a controlling and abusive "sexual deviant" who she was forced to kill in self-defense.

She could face the death penalty if convicted of Alexander's murder.

The defense petitioned the court to declare a mistrial at the end of testimony on Thursday, but the request was denied by Judge Sherry Stephens.  Arias' attorneys claimed that testimony presented by Det. Esteban Flores about whether Arias shot Alexander first or at the end of the attack was different from his earlier testimony and, therefore, affected whether Arias was "especially cruel" during the killing -- but Stephens denied that it had any effect.

The jury also watched as dozens of photos of blood-spattered walls, flooring, stained carpets and a blood smeared sink were explained in detail by a forensic analyst from the Mesa Police Department, who noted that on many of the stains water had been mixed with the blood and diluted it.

The prosecution has alleged that Arias tried to wash away the evidence of the killing with water.

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