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Jodi Arias’ Panties, T-Shirt Shown at Murder Trial

ABC News(PHOENIX) -- A woman's T-shirt emblazoned with the possessive "Travis Alexander's" and a pair of pink panties with the word "Travis'" on the front hint at the controlling nature and abusive attitude that existed between Alexander and Jodi Arias in the months before she killed him, defense attorneys said Monday.

Defense attorneys also questioned porn on Travis Alexander's computer during Monday’s testimony.

Arias is accused of murder for Alexander's death, but her defense attorneys claim she killed him in self defense because he was an abusive and controlling "sexual deviant." The pair dated for a year before breaking up, but continued to have a sexual relationship for another year until Alexander's death.

The photo of the T-shirt and panties were found on Arias' camera in July 2008, more than a month after Arias killed Alexander on June 4.

"The photo of 'Travis Alexander's' and 'Travis', both written in the possessive form, will be relied on by our experts discussing the controlling nature of the relationship (between Alexander and Arias), the possessive nature of the relationship, and what that does to a woman," defense attorney Jennifer Willmott said Monday after the prosecution objected to the photos.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez asked Dworkin whether he knew when the words were put on the shirt and panties. When Dworkin said he could not determine when they were created, Martinez suggested that could have been done after Alexander was killed.

The defense also showed items from Alexander's Internet search history from the early morning hours before he was killed, showing that he watched YouTube videos of scantily-clad women dancing to pop music and visited a proxy server, which covers one's IP address while surfing the Internet. The defense will try to prove that Alexander was obsessed with looking at sexual content on his computer.

"I recall there was some pornography on the computer," Lonnie Dworkin, the computer forensic analyst testifying for the defense, told the court. "I don't recall specifically if there were women's breasts or other content."

Dworkin combed the hard drives and memory cards of computers and cameras owned by Arias and Alexander. He found images including the T-shirt and underwear, pictures of Arias hugging friends and a dog, and pictures of a penis that Alexander sent Arias on the Internet, according to his testimony.

The defense has spent the past week presenting evidence that Alexander kept up appearances of being a devout Mormon and a virgin in his social life, but had an erotic sex life with Arias that included sending her a lewd picture of himself, phone sex, anal sex, oral sex, and taking nude photos of one another in sexual positions.

She is expected to testify before the defense finishes presenting its case.

Arias could face the death penalty if convicted of murder, which prosecutors say was premeditated and extremely cruel in that she stabbed him 27 times, slashed his throat, and shot him twice in the head. They have also argued that she lied to investigators and friends about killing Alexander until she was cornered with a mountain of evidence proving that she did. She then said she killed him in self-defense, they argue.

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