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Miami Face-Eating Attack Not Caused by Bath Salts?

Miami-Dade Police Dept.(MIAMI) -- Bath salts was not the cause of the incident in Miami in which a naked man was discovered chewing the face of a homeless man.

The medical examiner found no psychotropic drugs in the body of the so-called Miami face-eater Rudy Eugene.  On Memorial Day weekend, police shot and killed Eugene after his cannibalistic attack on Ronald Poppo.

According to the toxicology report, the medical examiner found only traces of marijuana in Eugene's system.  There were no traces of bath salts, LSD or anything that would cause some sort of psychotic frenzy, as police initially had suspected.

Eugene, 31, had been diagnosed with schizophrenia after a prior misdemeanor arrest, but was never referred to the court's mental illness diversion program, according to the judge who handled the case.  

His attack on Poppo, 65, who remains hospitalized after losing 75 percent of his face, was much more likely because of mental illness than the presence of drugs in his system.

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