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Missing Indiana Student's Friend Claims Memory Loss

Courtesy Blair Wallach(BLOOMINGTON, Ind.) -- The search for missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer is hitting an odd roadblock because one of the last people to see her alive claims he is suffering from memory loss.

Spierer, 20, has been missing for a week. She disappeared after partying with friends at a sports bar.

Two hours before Spierer vanished, surveillance cameras captured her coming from Kilroy Sports Bar back to her apartment building with a friend, Corey Rossman.  The cameras captured a scuffle between Rossman and another young man at the Smallwood Plaza apartment building complex.

"He was punched in the face.  We don't know who, why or what was said, but that punch or punches caused him a temporary memory loss," said Carl Satzmann, Rossman's attorney.

Spierer and Rossman left the apartment building and she escorted Rossman back to his apartment.  She was there for about an hour with Rossman and another young man.

Rossman doesn't remember Spierer walking him back to his apartment and the first thing he remembers is waking up the next morning, his attorney said.  Police have searched Rossman's car and cell phone.

After returning Rossman to his apartment, Spierer left for another friend's apartment.  That friend saw her walk towards her own apartment at about 4:30 a.m. last Friday.  The pint-sized student who weighs less than 100 pounds and is 4-foot-11 was last seen three blocks from her apartment.

Spierer's long time boyfriend was one of the first people to become concerned about her after she stopped responding to his text messages.  Police have also questioned him.

The parents of Spierer, Robert and Charlene Spierer, have traveled from New York to aid in the search.  They are offering a $100,000 reward for the safe return of their daughter.

On Thursday, police conducted a water search of Lake Monroe and searched the city's reservoir.  They have no suspects but continue conducting polygraph exams.

The only trace of Spierer that has been found is her keys.  They were found a block away from where she was last seen.  She left her cell phone and shoes at the sports bar that she'd visited earlier in the night.

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