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Mom Confronts Drunken Driver Who Left Her Son with Severe Brain Damage

ABC News(FORT WORTH, Texas) -- A Texas mother erupted in anger and frustration in a dramatic confrontation with the man who left her son with severe brain damage following a drunk driving collision in 2009.

ABC affiliate WFAA reports that Loubna Khader asked the station to film her as she confronted Stewart Richardson, who pled guilty to felony DWI after a horrific collision left her son Abdallah nearly braindead. Separated by a glass partition at Tarrant County Jail, she showed him a photo of her son before the accident as she poured her heart out.

“Look at this face, look at him!” she yelled as Richardson muttered apologies and hung his head in shame.

“Every single day he’s suffering. He can’t see, he can’t talk, he can’t breathe, he can’t eat … he can’t do anything,” she said.

Richardson, who is currently in jail awaiting an appeals court decision that threatens to imprison him for life, offered to apologize to the family on Wednesday in a separate interview with WFAA. After hearing of this, Khader asked the ABC affiliate to go with her as she addressed him in person on Thursday.

In the moment, Khader was inconsolable as she shook and cried while screaming at Stewart. Stewart was reserved and sympathetic, but his apologies did not quell the distraught mother.

“My son is going to be O.K. because you said you’re sorry? It’s been five years today. Five years! My son is dying every single day,” she said.

Richardson said he keeps a photo of the boy and prays for his health, which Khader told him was inappropriate as he is a “devil” who does not deserve to touch it. If he was hoping a meeting in person with the boy’s mother would lead to a reconciliation, he underestimated Khader’s grief.

“I will never forgive you for what you did to my son…never!” she yelled as she struck the glass partition in frustration.

ABC News could not reach Khader for comment.

While WFAA admits it has received criticism for filming and broadcasting the incident, they say they were complying with Khader’s request. In their report, they say she wanted people to see the heartbreak Richardson has caused her.

With the video now making waves across the internet, it appears Khader has succeeded in that goal.

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