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Mom searching for daughter’s missing stuffed bunny after car accident

iStock/Thinkstock(EPSOM, N. H.) -- A New Hampshire mom is determined to find her daughter's stuffed bunny after the bag it was in accidentally fell off the family truck.

Angela Little of Epsom, New Hampshire, post the story on social media March 11, asking Facebook friends to share it.

"My hope is the more people who see it, it will trigger that person to return it to us," Little told ABC News today. "Bunny has always been her favorite toy. She sleeps with Bunny every night. Bunny just comes with us everywhere.

"She's so sad," Little continued of her daughter. "She had said to me, 'Mom, what if another mom finds it and gives Bunny to her kids?' and I said, 'If another mom finds Bunny, she'll see that bunny was loved and how important it is to get bunny back to you.'"

Little, mom to Addison, 8, and Camden, 5, said she, her husband, Seth, and her children were driving home from Addison's dance competition Saturday when they were involved in a minor accident with another vehicle.

Both parties pulled into a Wendy's parking lot to exchange information and give statements to the Lee Police Department. Because the Littles lost their front bumper in the accident, Addison's father, Seth, placed it in the back of their truck bed.

To make room for the bumper, Seth had removed his daughter's duffel bag, placed it on top of the truck bed top and accidentally drove away. Addison's favorite stuffed animal, Bunny, which she had since birth, had been inside the duffel, Angela Little said.

"We know it fell off because after driving a couple of miles up the road, we realized that there were two vehicles were trying to get our attention to pull over," she added.

Two witnesses told the family that they saw the bag fall off his truck near a McDonald's in Lee, New Hampshire.

When the Littles retraced their tracks, the bag was gone and so was Bunny.

"She was devastated and even for me, it's not the dance bag with the makeup and the clothes, it's that bunny was in that bag," Little said. "So, we all lost him."

Chief Thomas Dronsfield of the Lee Police Department told ABC News that both parties were uninjured in the crash. The officer at the scene did not have any luck finding Addison's bag after the family later ran into him, and said it was missing, he added.

Little shared the story of Addison's missing "Bunny" on Facebook Saturday, asking friends to circulate the post.

Addison's dance bag is black and gold, and her name, plus the name of her dance studio, "Ballet North," is printed on the fabric.

Little added the address to "Ballet North" in her Facebook post in hopes the person who has the bag will at least return Bunny anonymously.

In the meantime, Addison's best friend has loaned her a stuffed pink Hippo until Bunny comes home, Little said.

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