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Northeast Preparing for Cicada Invasion

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Cicadas will soon make their reappearance in the Northeast after hibernating for 17 long years.  It's all a part of the mating ritual for these noisy bugs.

As temperatures start averaging around 64 degrees, billions of cicadas will come out of their slumber, mate, lay eggs and then start the whole process again, not due to return until 2030.

They're normally found in areas where old-growth trees haven't been disturbed since the last cicada invasion in 1996.  Interestingly, their cycle in the South is every 13 years.

The good news is that these critters don't bite or carry any diseases.  On the downside, they are louder than a subway car, achieving 90-decibels when they really get going.

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