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Obama Says Work Remains on BP Oil Spill; BP Sues Rig Owner

U.S. Coast Guard via Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Everyone recalls the environmental disaster that resulted when an oil drilling platform exploded 40 miles off the Louisiana coast on April 20, 2010.

What many have forgotten is that 11 workers died in the blast.

President Obama used the first anniversary of the largest accidental oil spill in the history of the petroleum history to remember the men who died on the Deepwater Horizon oil platform, and the resulting damaged well that leaked an estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Obama said, "That catastrophic event deeply affected the lives of millions of Americans, from local fishermen to restaurant and hotel owners and small businesses throughout the region."

While close to 50,000 people were involved in the effort to contain the spill and minimize the contamination of coastal areas and wildlife, Obama admitted, "the job isn't done."

The president added that his administration and state and local governments "continue to hold BP and other responsible parties fully accountable for the damage they've done and the painful losses that they've caused."

As it happens, BP, which has taken the brunt of the criticism for the spill, filed a $40 billion lawsuit Wednesday against Transocean, the company that owned the oil rig that exploded.  BP alleges that Transocean is "the responsible party" for the damages that occurred.

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