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Sky Metalwala: Father Pleads for Help in Search of Missing Son

Hemera Technologies/Thinkstock(REDMOND, Wash.) -- The father of missing 2-year-old boy, Sky Metalwala, said he plans to work with volunteers today to pass out flyers with his son's picture on them.

Overnight, Solomon Metalwala met with reporters to plead for help in finding his son, who has now been missing for nearly a week.

"My hope is that he's coming back and that's where I find my strength that he's going to come back," he said.

Sky's mother, Julia Biryukova, claims she left Sky alone in her car after she ran out of gas and walked off for help.

Solomon Metalwala said Wednesday that he thinks Biryukova is connected with his son's disappearance.

"I do believe that Julia has a, she's responsible …," Solomon Metalwala said speaking of Biryukova. "It's sad. Because if she can just cooperate, we can find where, where is our son."

He also talked about a strange dream his wife had and which she related to him.

"In this dream she, she was strangling Sky," he said. "And it was very alarming."

Biryukova told detectives in Bellevue, Wash., that she was driving her two children to Overlake Hospital Medical Center Sunday morning because her youngest child, Sky, wasn't feeling well.

She said she ran out of gas on 112th Avenue, so she left Sky in the car while she and her 4-year-old daughter walked about a mile away to a gas station.

When she returned to her silver Acura SUV, the child was gone, she told police.

Investigators have serious questions about Biryukova's story.

They say her account doesn't add up, and also say it's remarkably similar to an episode of the TV series "Law and Order." The episode, which police say is "strikingly similar in nature" to Biryukova's story, centered on a mother who tries to cover up the death of her child by saying he was taken from her car.

That detail also alarms Solomon Metalwala.

According to police, Biryukova did walk to the Northtowne Chevron Service on Sunday, but she never bought gas there, police said.

Instead, she spent time walking around a wealthy neighborhood where she reportedly didn't ask anyone for help, officials said.

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