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Susan Powell Search: No Human Remains Found After All, Officials Say

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah) -- No actual human remains have been found in the search for missing Utah woman Susan Powell, though police cadaver dogs did pick up scents at a desert location, police reportedly said, clarifying earlier claims that they had found remains.

Earlier, police said remains near Topaz Mountain in Juab County, Utah, were recent and were found in what they told Powell's father amounted to a "shallow grave."

West Valley City, Utah, Police Sgt. Mike Powell, no relation to Susan Powell, added that an anthropologist even examined the remains to ensure that they were not bones "of antiquity" that had been buried in the desert for decades.

But Thursday evening, authorities said they found no actual body parts where the cadaver dogs picked up scents. Police did not fully explain why they earlier said they had found remains.

Powell disappeared in December 2009 while her husband allegedly took their two children camping in middle of the night during a snowstorm and rainstorm. The campsite where he told police he took them is about 30 miles away from where officials reported the remains discovered.

The sergeant would not call the remains "bones," and said that whatever police found may not have been visible to the human eye. The alleged remains were found by cadaver dogs on Wednesday.

Two fresh cadaver dogs will be brought in to go over the patch of ground where the remains were found, and then a medical examiner was likely to be called to begin the process of identifying them, Sgt. Powell said.

Police are continuing their search throughout the desert around the base of Mount Topaz.

Susan Powell's husband Josh Powell, 35, released a statement after officials claimed to discover remains that read, "With very little information available to the public, we can only hope that additional information is released quickly to minimize heartache to those of us who love Susan. In the meantime, we continue to hope for Susan's safe return."

The husband is the only person whom the police have identified as a person of interest in his wife's disappearance.

Josh Powell said he has never been to the area where the remains may have been found. The area is a popular place where people go to hunt for gems and stones.

Throughout the nearly two-year ordeal, Josh Powell has continued to proclaim his innocence.

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