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Suspect Confesses to Murder of Brooklyn Boy

Jupiterimages/Comstock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The alleged killer of an eight-year-old Brooklyn, New York boy made a full written confession to authorities of how he smothered the boy with a towel and then dismembered him, sources have confirmed to ABC News.

The confession indicated that 35-year-old Levy Aron had panicked after abducting Leiby Kletzky when he realized the entire neighborhood -- home to a tightly-knit strict sect of religious Jews -- had been searching for the boy, ABC News confirmed.

The Brooklyn district attorney had no comment on the man's confession.

Police on Wednesday arrested Aron, whom Kletsky had asked for directions before his dismembered body was found early Wednesday in two separate locations, including the man's refrigerator, authorities said.

ABC News learned that parts of the confession were graphic, but law enforcement sources would not disclose those details, which included the specifics of the boy's dismemberment and the packing of his body parts.

Sources told ABC that the suspect also made taped admissions.

The two-day search for Kletsky ended early Wednesday when remains believed to be the boy's were found in two Brooklyn locations, two-and-a-half miles from each other.  Body parts were found in a black plastic garbage bag inside of suitcase in a dumpster and in the refrigerator of the third floor attic of the home where Aron lived, police said at a news conference Wednesday morning.

Kletsky was reported missing Monday when he did not meet his mother at a pre-arranged location seven blocks from his camp.  Police say the boy and the mother had gone to the location Friday and she had showed him the route he was to take.

Police say Kletsky left camp at 5:05 p.m. and missed the turn he was to take to meet his mother.  He was lost and asked a stranger, Aron, for directions, police said.  The suspect was reportedly described as wearing "trappings" of the Orthodox Jewish community.

An autopsy of Kletzky's body was begun Thursday morning.

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