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Poll Finds More Conservatives Back Government Shutdown

Comstock/Thinkstock Images(NEW YORK) -- With a government shutdown looming this Friday if Congress doesn't agree on a 2010 budget, the latest ABC/Washington Post poll finds 31 percent of Americans said it would be a good thing if it happened.

That view ranges from 19 percent among liberal Democrats to 43 percent of conservative Republicans and 55 percent of strong supporters of the Tea Party political movement. Barring a change in attitude, there would be, for them, no “blame” to lay, but rather credit due.

The finding is hardly new.  fter the partial shutdown in 1996, 26 percent polled said it had been a good thing. Moreover, only 12 percent of Americans said they personally were inconvenienced by the partial shutdown 15 years ago, including just four percent who experienced “major” inconvenience.

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