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Baby Lisa Missing: Parents Growing Deperate as Search Continues

Kansas City Police Dept(KANSAS CITY) -- The Missouri parents of missing 10-month-old Lisa Irwin are growing more desperate while police combing the neighborhood and asking to search people's homes have no leads in what they describe as a rare but terrifying crime.

Speaking to GMA from outside their home in Kansas City Thursday morning, the girl's mother choked back tears and father Jeremy Irwin repeated their plea for anyone with information on their missing toddler to come forward.

Lisa's mother, Deborah Brandley, described exactly what happened the last time she saw her daughter:
"[She disappeared] between the time she went to bed and time I went to bed," she said through tears. "I gave her her bottle and put her to sleep, and that was the last when we last saw her."

Irwin, who lives with Deborah and her two other children from pervious relationships, described how he returned from work around 4 a.m.

"The windows were open and the lights were on, and she was nowhere to be found," he said. "We've been going over everything in our minds. We just don't have any idea."

Police Capt. Steve Young said there are no major leads in the case, while Kansas City police and FBI agents continued their investigation and search for the baby. More than 300 law officers have been using helicopters, all-terrain vehicles and door-to-door interviews in the search.

Speaking with ABC News, Lisa's grandmother, Melanie Irwin, pleaded for the girl's return. "Bring her back. We love her, everybody loves her," Irwin said. "She needs her family. She needs her family. They need her."

Lisa was last seen at 10:30 p.m. Monday asleep in her crib at her parents' home. When her father arrived home at 4 a.m. from an overnight shift as an electrician, he discovered that Lisa was missing. The parents immediately called police.

While police initially fixated on a window and screen in the bedroom that appeared to have been tampered with and might have been where a kidnapper entered and exited, they are not certain such was the case.

"We are interviewing family and friends just to eliminate everyone's that close to the family as suspects," Officer Darin Snapp said.

He described the family's neighborhood as a "middle-class, very quiet neighborhood."

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Boy Accused of Taking 3-Year-Old Held in New Sex Case

ABC News(MARION COUNTY, Fla.) -- A teen who less than a year ago was accused of attempting to take a 3-year-old from a Florida department store, is behind bars for allegedly sexually assaulting a girl in the back of a school bus.

Edwin McFarlane, 15, is being held at the Marion County Regional Juvenile Detention Center after authorities allege he forced his more than 300-pound frame on a teen girl last Thursday, unzipping her pants and sexually attacking her on a South Lake High School bus in school bus in Groveland, Fla.

According to the police record obtained by ABC News, McFarlane allegedly approached the victim, who was lying on her back on a seat preparing to take a nap, and assaulted her.

Video surveillance on the bus shows McFarlane approaching the girl and spending "several minutes" with the victim in her seat, but the back of the seat obstructs the view of exactly what the two teens were doing, according to authorities.

Police say McFarlane later admitted to assaulting the girl, saying that he knows what he did was wrong and that he did "hear the victim tell him to stop six times." The teen has since written an apology letter to the victim, police say, and has been charged with both sexual battery and false imprisonment.

In June 2010 the then 14-year-old was arrested despite stating that he was helping a seemingly lost 3-year-old girl look for her mother in a Burlington Coat Factory. Surveillance video of the incident shows McFarlane walking out of the store with the little girl.

After the mother found McFarlane and the girl, McFarlane returned to shopping with his mother. A few minutes later, police officers arrived on the scene and arrested him. But a few weeks later, authorities decided not to charge McFarlane.

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