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Missing Georgia Mom Wazineh Suleiman Found Alive 

ABC News(BARTOW COUNTY, Ga.) -- Missing Georgia woman Wazineh Suleiman, the mother of five young children who disappeared nearly a week ago, has been found safe and is hiding in an undisclosed location, police told ABC News Thursday.

"She is alive and well," Bartow County Sheriff Clark Millsap. "I received a phone call from a sheriff here in the state of Georgia. At her request I will not tell you where she is."

The sheriff's statement indicates that Suleiman, 30, ran away.

"She does not want anyone to know where she is. We are not going to divulge her location at her request," Millsap said.

The sheriff said investigators are interviewing the woman. She was with a friend, police said. The friend called her husband, Abed Suleiman, police said.

Sources told ABC News that Wazineh Suleiman is extremely afraid of her husband.

Before Wazineh Suleiman surfaced, her husband, Abed Suleiman, was questioned for three hours Wednesday night by police.

"I was a suspect...and they wanted to totally rule me out. They kind of already did that. They just wanted to iron out all the wrinkles and they did that," Abed Suleiman told ABC Affiliate WSB-TV as he left the sheriff's office Wednesday night.

Abed Suleiman claimed that his wife had left Friday night to rent a movie from Walmart and never returned. Surveillance video showed that Wazineh Suleiman never entered the Walmart.

Abed had just returned from a canceled hunting trip in Kentucky when he found his wife had disappeared, he claimed.

The two exchanged heated text messages following her disappearance, Abed Suleiman claimed. In the text messages, Wazineh Suleiman cursed at her husband and threatened to throw the phone out the window. "There were two text messages where there was profanity used. We are very religious, very religious...Wazineh would never, ever, to me like that or text me like that. She never has and I was saying something is not right," Abed Suleiman said Wednesday.

There is no record of domestic violence between the couple. He told ABC News that he treated his wife like a queen.

"My wife is my life," he said. "Anybody that know us, a lot of people look at us and say these guys are a perfect couple and a perfect family."

For a short time last year, Wazineh Suleiman lived with her family in Israel for two months. She had recently gotten her first job.

Wazineh Suleiman married Abed when she was 17. The devout Muslim couple had recently found themselves in deep financial trouble. The couple is more than half a million dollars in debt to more than 50 creditors, according to a federal bankruptcy court . They filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in August, the court documents show.

Police had found Wazineh Suleiman's abandoned SUV in an empty parking lot 12 miles from the Walmart where was supposed to have gone to rent a movie.

Abed Suleiman had gone to Kentucky Friday on a hunting trip with a friend but returned to Georgia when he realized he'd confused the dates for when hunting season begins, he said.

"I pulled into the driveway and my buddy said, 'Hey, your wife's truck is not there.' I look over and my jaw just dropped," Suleiman said Tuesday. "I was in shock. That doesn't make sense. She just doesn't leave without telling me."

He said he found his kids watching television.

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