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Scorned Ex-Girlfriend Sues Billionaire for Millions

Ian Gavan/amfAR11/Getty Images for amfAR(NEW YORK) -- A 28-year-old former Brazilian soap opera actress is suing her billionaire ex-lover, George Soros, for $50 million, claiming the 80-year-old financier reneged on a promise to give her a Manhattan apartment.

The lawsuit filed by Adriana Ferreyr also claims an argument over a $2-million apartment escalated into physical abuse.

"They were lying in bed when...Soros bluntly informed her that he had given the apartment to another woman and an argument ensued," the lawsuit states, continuing: "Soros slapped Ferreyr across the face and proceeded to put his hands around her neck in (an) attempt to choke her."

Soros, a major donor to then-candidate Obama's campaign in 2008, and an outspoken supporter of progressive causes and organizations, denies the allegations.

In a police report, Ferreyr alleged Soros attempted to hit her with a lamp. Ferreyr says she became extremely traumatized. She claims they later made up but he reneged a second time on a promise to buy her an apartment.

Soros' attorney, William Zabel, told ABC News that the lawsuit was an "attempt to extract money from my client who is known to be a very wealthy man. Police investigated the August 2010 incident and concluded that no assault occurred."

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