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Missing Missouri Baby: Amber Alert Cancelled as Search Continues

Kansas City Police(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- Police have cancelled an Amber Alert for a missing 10-month-old infant believed to have been abducted from her crib in Kansas City, Mo., though the investigation and search for her continues.

Over 100 Kansas City police officers and FBI agents are searching for Lisa Irwin, the missing infant who was last seen at 10:30 p.m. on Monday asleep in her crib at her parents' home.  The massive search has also included canines, mounted patrol, a fugitive unit, and a narcotics and vice unit.  Police issued the alert for Lisa Irwin early Tuesday morning.

At 7:30 p.m. Tuesday police pulled the Amber Alert, which is meant to immediately inform the public of a missing minor who is believed to be at risk of serious injury or death.

"Although the investigation and search for Lisa Irwin continues, an active Amber Alert is no longer necessary in this case.  Lisa Irwin is still considered a missing/endangered juvenile," police Sgt. Stacey Graves said in a news release.

Kris Ketz with ABC's Kansas City affiliate KMBC-TV reported late on Tuesday that the K-9's were finished searching for the night and that the police search will continue Wednesday morning.

In a news conference Tuesday afternoon, police Capt. Steve Young said that police have exhausted everything possible at the original scene.  Young also said that there have been no indications at this point that the parents' story is "hinky" or problematic.  Lisa's mother was taken to police headquarters earlier on Tuesday for questioning and her father was not, but Young could not say why.

"You can say they are being held, but you can also say they are being cooperative," Young said.  "They're an essential part of the investigation, and we're continuing to talk to them."

Young confirmed that a neighbor said they saw someone walking down the street at night with a baby in a diaper, but he did not know if this tip had led investigators to any more information.  He said investigators do not have any "hard leads" or suspects yet.

Lisa's mother put her down to sleep at approximately 10:30 p.m. Monday night, according to police.  When Lisa's father arrived home from work at around 4 a.m., he went into her room to check on her and discovered she was missing.  The parents immediately called police.

"They saw the window and the screen appeared that it was tampered with," Officer Darin Snapp, public information officer for the Kansas City Police, told ABC News.

Authorities believe Lisa has been abducted and that the suspect entered and exited through the bedroom window. Police said there is no indication that anything else was taken from the house.

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Amber Alert: Kansas City Infant Missing from Crib

Kansas City, Missouri Police Department(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- Kansas City Police have issued an Amber Alert for Lisa Irwin, a missing 10-month-old infant they believe may have been abducted from her crib in Missouri. The FBI has joined the Kansas City Police in the investigation.

Lisa's mother put her down to sleep at approximately 10:30 p.m. Monday night, according to police. When Lisa's father arrived home from work at around 4 a.m., he went into her room to check on her and discovered she was missing. The parents immediately called police.

"They saw the window and the screen appeared that it was tampered with," officer Darin Snapp, public information officer for the Kansas City Police, told ABC News. Authorities believe Lisa has been abducted and that the suspect entered and exited through the bedroom window.

"We are conducting an area canvas, knocking on doors and talking to anyone that was in the area that night," Snapp said. Canines are searching a wooded area behind the family's house.

Both parents were on the scene Tuesday and cooperating with police, according to ABC's Kansas City affiliate KMBC.

"We are interviewing family and friends just to eliminate everyone's that close to the family as suspects," Snapp said. Police do not have any witnesses or suspects at this time. Snapp described the family's neighborhood as a "middle class, very quiet neighborhood."

Police are asking for the community's help in finding the little girl.

"We have no eyewitnesses and a six-hour time frame when the child could have been abducted," Snapp said. "We need any help at all."

Lisa has blue eyes, blonde hair, is 30 inches long and weighs between 26 and 30 pounds. She was last seen wearing purple shorts and a purple shirt with white kittens on it. She has two bottom teeth, a small bug bite under her left ear and a beauty mark on her right outer thigh. She also has a cold with a cough.

"We are pleading that if anyone saw anything, to contact us," Snapp said. "It might be that small piece [of information] that puts everything together."

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Developmentally Disabled Texas Girl, 14, May Be with Soldier

Police are searching for Andrea Fox, 14, whom they believe is with a James Martin, 21. (Handout)(LEAGUE CITY, Texas) -- An Amber Alert has been issued for a developmentally disabled 14-year-old Texas girl who is believed to be with a 21-year-old soldier headed to Colorado.

Andrea Fox, of Timpson, Texas, who has the mental capacity of someone much younger, may be en route to Colorado with James Martin, the older brother of one of her friends and an Army soldier based at Fort Carson.

Fox was reported missing Aug. 16 by her grandmother, whom she was visiting in League City, near Houston. The girl wrote a note saying she was going to New York and would be back before school started on Tuesday, according to Sgt. John Jordan of the League City police department. She instructed her grandmother not to look for her, Jordan said.

Police say Fox was last seen on Tuesday morning with Martin and that text messages between the two led detectives to believe that Fox may be traveling with Martin to Colorado, where he is scheduled to report for duty by Friday morning.

League City police notified the state police's Amber Alert department, which determined that because Fox's mental capacity was that of someone younger than 14, and she may be traveling with someone unrelated to who was more than three years older than she is, she was at risk for serious danger.

"Certainly when you have someone who is young and is traveling with someone older, there is always a concern that they could be in danger of serious bodily harm, sexual assault, or even death," said Tela Mange, spokeswoman for the Texas state police.

Notification was sent to all law enforcement agencies in addition to electronic highway billboards on highways throughout Texas. Mange said they also shared the information with other states, which could choose to display the information on their own billboards.

Police are hoping Martin's vehicle is stopped and Fox is found to be with him, Jordan said.

Martin is driving a blue Chevy Aveo that he just purchased while home in Texas on leave from the Army, Jordan said. The police have no plate number for the vehicle or information as to what year it was made.

Anyone who has seen the vehicle, Martin, or Fox is asked to call the League City police at 281-332-2566.

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Police Find Kidnapped Girl, Father Dead in SUV 

Jupiterimages/Comstock/Thinkstock(LOS ANGELES) -- Officials in El Dorado County discovered the bodies of a 2-year-old girl and her father who allegedly abducted her.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a statewide Amber Alert was issued after Madeline Samaan-Fay was reportedly kidnapped by her father, Mourad Samaan.

The bodies were found inside Samaan's SUV on Saturday evening.

Madeline was abducted Aug. 7, though an Amber Alert was not issued until Friday

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Amber Alert Issued for Pinales Sisters in Texas

Roger Weber/Thinkstock(AUSTIN, Texas) -- It's every parent's worst nightmare -- to come home and find your children missing. Right now a young working mother in central Texas is living that nightmare. To make matters worse, authorities believe her one- and two-year-old daughters were taken by their 14-year-old sister.

According to the Hays County Texas Sheriff's Office, last Friday morning, 36-year-old Lorrie Cantu left for her early-morning shift at a local transportation company. Cantu's 14-year-old daughter, Kendra Nicole Lee, was left at home to babysit her two sisters, Jasmine Pinales and Mariana Pinales.

Cantu kept in contact with her teenage daughter throughout the day with phone calls and text messages. She picked up an extra shift at work and when she arrived home that night at 11:30 p.m., the family's white Chevy pickup truck was gone, and so were the girls, police said

Cantu and her husband, who lives in Austin (the parents are separated), began contacting family and friends in the Austin area, desperately trying to find the girls, because Kendra had a history of running away.

On Saturday, a family member spotted the missing pickup truck off of Burton Road in Austin and called Cantu, who went to the scene. The relative told Cantu that two unidentified black males were seen running away from the vehicle, but there was no sign of the missing girls, police said.

When she arrived, Cantu found the doors on the pickup were open and the front seat was moved forward, which led her to believe that Kendra might have been driving the truck.

Detectives in Hays County conducted a second interview with the mother and found out that Kendra has a serious mental illness and is not currently taking her medication. They issued an Amber Alert and listed the girls as missing and endangered. Detectives tried tracking Kendra's mobile phone via GPS and came up with nothing. A warrant has been issued for Kendra's arrest for kidnapping her two younger sisters.

Kendra Nicole Lee, also known as Alejandra Rodriguez, is a 14-year-old black female. She is 5'5" tall and weighs 125 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a white tank top and blue skirt.

Mariana Lynn Pinales is a one-year-old Hispanic female. She is 2'5" tall, weighs 30 pounds and has brown eyes and black hair. She was last seen wearing a pink faded "onesie" diaper and pink diamond earrings.

Their sister Jasmine Marie Pinales is a two-year-old Hispanic female. She is 2'5", weighs 40 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair. She was last seen wearing a long-sleeved gray shirt with a heart on the front of the shirt and pull-ups.

The Hays County Sheriff's Department is urging anyone who seen Kendra, Mariana or Jasmine to immediately call 911.

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'Missing' Teen Charged With Murder of Guardians

Comstock/Thinkstock(EDMONTON, Ky.) -- Police who had issued an Amber Alert for two missing Kentucky children found the pair and charged one of them Wednesday with the murder of his legal guardians.

Christopher Endicott, 15, was charged with murder after the guardians, Gary and Barbara Holloway, were found dead in their south-central Kentucky home, state police said.

The children were the subject of an Amber Alert Tuesday as authorities searched for Endicott and Kyra Shockley, 12, who had been reported missing by her parents earlier in the day. Police released Shockley to a parent.

A visiting family member found the Holloways dead in their Edmonton, Ky., home early Tuesday afternoon. No one else was in the house and the couple's car was missing, police said.

Hours later, a firefighter found Endicott and Shockley in the missing Chevy on a highway more than 20 miles away from the Holloways' home. Endicott drove the car off the road and through a fence, leading authorities on a brief car chase. He and Shockley then fled from the car and were caught by police after a short foot chase, according to a statement from Kentucky police.

In addition to the murder charge, the 15-year-old has been charged with fleeing and evading police, wanton endangerment and reckless driving without a driver's license.

B.J. Burton, the lead detective on the case, told the Lexington Herald-Leader that the killings may have been part of a plan for Endicott to run off with his girlfriend.

The cause of deaths wasn't specified by police. Autopsies are underway.

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Brittany Mae Smith, Missing Virginia Girl, Found Safe in California

Phtoo Courtesy - ABC News (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Brittany Mae Smith, the 12-year-old girl from Salem, Va., who went missing for a week, has been found safe in San Francisco.

"She is well and she is in good hands at this time," Roanoke County, Va., Police Chief Ray Lavinder told reporters hours after Brittany was found. "She's been in touch with her family. They're very relieved and I'm assuming maybe a family member will go out there and escort her back."

Police in Roanoke, Va., added that Jeffrey Scott Easley, 32, was in custody in connection with the case. He was a suspect both in Brittany's disappearance and in the death of her mother, Tina Smith.  Police issued an Amber Alert for Brittany on Dec. 6 after discovering the body of her mother in their Salem, Va. home.

Lavinder said Brittany and Easley were spotted by a police tipster in an unspecified retail store in San Francisco. Police soon took the pair into custody without resistance. 

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Aunt Pleads for Brittany Mae Smith to Come Home in Time for Christmas

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(ROANOKE, Va.) -- Relatives of missing 12-year-old Brittany Mae Smith appealed Thursday to the man suspected of holding her to let the girl come home safely for Christmas.

The women, all sisters of Brittany's murdered mother Tina Smith, directed their pleas at Jeffrey Scott Easley, a 32-year-old man who moved in with Brittany and her mother in October and was last seen on a surveillance camera leaving a Walmart store in Salem, Va. with Brittany last Friday.

"Mr. Easley, I know you don't know me, but, sir, please let Brittany come home for Christmas," said Rhonda, one of Brittany's aunts, at a press conference. The women did not want to reveal their last names.

The search for Brittany and Easley now spans eight states and police have received 500 tips.

Police issued an Amber Alert for Brittany on Dec. 6 after discovering the body of her 41-year-old mother.  A coroner ruled the death a homicide. Police said that finding Brittany and Easley is key to the murder investigation.

The search for the missing seventh grader led law enforcement to issue Amber Alerts in North Carolina, California, Florida, Alabama, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. Billboards with Brittany's picture have also been put up in those states, too.

Roanoke County, Va. Police Chief Ray Lavinder also said that investigators believe someone may be helping Easley and Brittany.

"I'm almost positive that someone out there knows where Brittany and Mr. Easley are. The weather has been very bad...they need food. Someone, if they are still in this region, is hiding them, I'm certain of that," Lavinder said.

Lavinder has asked motorists to be on the lookout for Tina Smith's 2005 silver Dodge Neon with the Virginia tag XKR-2365. Attached to the back of the car is a spoiler.

Easley, described as 5-foot-11, 215 pounds, is believed to have family in North Carolina and Alabama. Easley has two tattoos: a red star and a black tribal sign.

Brittany is five feet tall and weighs 100 pounds. She has straight brown hair and brown eyes. She is wearing several bracelets including a bright green rubber bracelet with yellow cursive writing. The bracelet is in memory of her brother who died last summer.

If you know anything about Brittany Mae Smith's disappearance, authorities urge you to e-mail or call the Roanoke County Police at 540-777-8641 or the Virginia State Police at 1-800-822-4453.

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Autopsy Finds Missing Girl's Mom Was Murdered; Girl May Have Left Willingly

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(SALEM, Va.) -- Virginia police who issued an Amber Alert for 12-year-old Brittany Mae Smith determined Tuesday that the girl's mother was murdered, and they want to talk to the 32-year-old man who lived with Smith and her mother.

Police are also not ruling out that Brittany left home willingly.

The missing child alert for Brittany was issued Monday when police found the body of her 41-year-old mother Tina Smith in their home. An autopsy on her body was concluded Tuesday.

"We have an active homicide investigation," state police spokeswoman Corinne Geller told ABC News. Geller said investigators were not releasing the cause of death or the time of death.

Police did release a surveillance camera photograph that captured Brittany leaving a Walmart store in her hometown of Salem, Va., Friday evening in the company of Jeffrey Scott Easley, a 32-year-old landscaper who met Tina Smith online this summer and moved into their house in October.

In the photo, Brittany appears at ease with the 265-pound Easley.

Geller said police do not yet know whether the Walmart photo was taken before or after Tina Smith's murder.

Geller also said, "As far as their relationship, we are still trying to determine that...we are not certain right now. But she is 12 and he is 32. She's definitely at risk."

Easley's mother Sallie Martin appeared at a police news conference Tuesday to plead with her son to turn himself in.

"From what I know about you and Brittany...." she said at point, but didn't finish the sentence. She added, "I know you're taking care of Brittany. If you would just take her somewhere and drop her off."

Referring to Tina Smith's homicide, Geller said, "We have not identified a suspect or obtained an arrest warrant."

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Amber Alert for Missing Virginia Girl After Mother Found Dead 

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(ROANOKE, Va.) -- Virginia police are "extremely concerned" about the safety of 12-year-old girl Brittany Mae Smith, who may be in the custody of a hulking man who police also want to interview about her mother's death.

Police, who have issued an Amber Alert for Brittany, asked motorists to be on the lookout for a 2005 silver Dodge Neon with the Virginia tag XKR-2365.

They are also hoping that Brittany is able to use her cell phone and send a message to one of her friends with whom she is normally in daily contact.

"We are extremely concerned with Brittany's safety and we've asked the state police to continue with the Amber Alert for another 24 hours," Roanoke County Police Chief Ray Lavinder said at a press conference. The officer said police believe Brittany is alive.

Authorities believe the seventh grader is with 32-year-old Jeffrey Scott Easley, who police want to question about the death of Brittany's mother, Tina.

When asked if Brittany was in danger, Lavinder said "absolutely."

Police discovered the death of Tina and Brittany's disappearance on Monday when they visited the family's home in Salem, Va.

"When our officers entered the residence, they found the body of 41-year-old Tina Smith. Her coworkers had contacted us after Mrs. Smith did not show up for work," Lavinder said.

Also missing is Tina Smith's 2005 silver Dodge Neon with the Virginia tag XKR-2365.

Easley, described as 5-foot-11, 265 pounds, is believed to have family in North Carolina and Alabama. The two may be headed in that direction, police said.

Easley, who works as a landscaper, was last seen Friday evening.

Investigators are still determining the relationship between Tina Smith and Easley. Lavinder said that the two met online in the summer and that Easley later moved into the family's home in October.

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