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Administration Urges Multi-Pronged Effort to Stop School Bullies

US Dept of Education(WASHINGTON) -- Delivering the keynote address Tuesday at the Bullying Prevention Summit, Education Secretary Arne Duncan promised that the Obama administration would make awareness of the problem a national priority.

That includes running new public service announcements in a joint campaign with the Ad Council and the Free to Be Foundation that urge people to report instances of bullying rather than ignoring them.

Duncan emphasized that the battle against bullying can't be won alone but rather, "It takes all of us working together to dramatically reduce this epidemic."

The nation's top educator said that one important step is getting to the root of the problem, meaning that "school cultures are going to have to change so that no one tolerates behavior that puts any child at risk."

However, Duncan promised that the federal government won't idly stand by and watch others do all the heavy lifting to combat the problem.  He expressed hope that two bills, the Student Non-Discrimination Act and the Safe Schools Improvement Act, will quickly be approved by Congress.

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Seven State School Systems to Get Share of $200 Million Jackpot

Creatas Images/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- Christmas will arrive two days early for school systems in seven states.

The Education Department announced Friday it will divide a $200 million jackpot among the following states in the latest round of the “Race to the Top” competition:

-- Arizona, $25 million
-- Colorado, $18 million
-- Illinois, $43 million
-- Kentucky, $17 million
-- Louisiana, $17 million
-- New Jersey, $37 million
-- Pennsylvania, $41 million

The states were all finalists in last year’s competition and won for making commitments to invest in college and career prep, particularly in STEM -- science, technology, engineering and math.  California could have won too but the state’s application was incomplete.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan also threatened that one of last year’s winners, Hawaii, could lose more than $70 million of its grant for failing to keep its promises.

Last Friday, the Obama administration doled out $500 million in Race to the Top grants for pre-K programs in California, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island and Washington.

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Arne Duncan Feels ‘Very Badly’ for Kids in Rick Perry's Texas Schools

United States Department of Education(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama’s education secretary, Arne Duncan, has taken aim at Texas Gov. Rick Perry for what Duncan describes as the abysmal quality of education in the state’s public schools.

“Far too few of their high school graduates are actually prepared to go on to college," Duncan tells Bloomberg TV’s Al Hunt of Texas in an interview set to air Friday. "I feel very, very badly for the children there."  

Texas ranks 43rd among states for high school graduation rate, according to the Legislative Budget Board’s 2010 Texas Fact Book.  Slightly more than 61 percent of students graduate each year.    

“You have seen massive increases in class size. You’ve seen cutbacks in funding. It doesn’t serve the children well. It doesn’t serve the state well. It doesn’t serve the state’s economy well. And ultimately it hurts the country,” he says.   

Duncan attributes the conditions to Perry’s policies during his decade-long tenure as governor, including a more-than-$4-billion cut to public school funding in the state’s most recent budget.

Perry, who's long been an outspoken critic of federal education standards, has rejected participation in Obama’s Race to the Top initiative, which he has said “could very well lead to the ‘dumbing down’ of the rigorous standards we’ve worked so hard to enact.”

Perry spokesman Mark Miner criticized Duncan’s comments, telling Bloomberg, “The president’s secretary of education may want to do a little more homework before commenting on education in Texas.

“Under Governor Perry, Texas has been a national leader in adopting college and career-ready curriculum standards that will ensure Texas students graduate prepared to succeed in college and the workplace,” he said.

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