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Denied Money, Panhandler Lights California Man, Car on Fire

KABC-TV/DT(LONG BEACH, Calif.) -- Police arrested a panhandler who reportedly lit a man on fire outside a convenience store in Long Beach, Calif. after not receiving money.

The 63-year-old victim was hospitalized with third-degree burns. He is in critical condition.

ABC's Los Angeles affiliate KABC reported on Friday that a panhandler approached the victim walking into a 7-Eleven store and asked him for money. The victim said no.

When the victim left the store and got into his SUV, the 37-year-old transient reportedly doused him and the inside of his vehicle with a flammable substance and lit it on fire, engulfing the truck in flames with the man inside, KABC reported.

"With the door open you could see the entire insides were ablaze," one eyewitness told Good Morning America. "He came out and he was horrifying. His entire shirt was on fire, his head was on fire."

Authorities called the incident a random act of violence. The two men did not know each other, police said.

"It's a horrific crime to think that somebody's, really no motive, just sitting there, minding their own business and then to be lit on fire," Long Beach Police Sgt. Aaron Eaton told KABC.

KABC reported the transient was arrested and will be charged with arson and attempted murder.

Police have not released the names of the two men.


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Serial Arsonist Suspected as 21 Arson Fires Hit Hollywood

Hemera Technologies/Thinkstock(HOLLYWOOD, Calif.) -- Investigators believe a string of over a dozen fires in Hollywood on Friday, mostly starting in cars and damaging several vehicles and homes, were the work of a serial arsonist, law-enforcement sources told ABC News.

No serious injuries were reported, although a firefighter suffered minor injuries. The former home of the late rock star Jim Morrison was among the properties affected by the fire, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance tapes in their search for the arsonist.

The fires began at 1 a.m. and caused extensive damage to a building on North Cahuenga Boulevard, where three vehicles were burned out. The fire spread from the carport to the apartment above, fire officials said at a news conference, according to ABC affiliate KABC in Los Angeles.

"We have so many that are going around hitting occupancies just like this, carports with residents above," Los Angeles Fire Department Battalion Chief Greg Gibson said at the news conference.

Two apartment buildings had to be evacuated. "I woke up really scared. I heard somebody saying, 'Fire, fire,'" Daniel Meza of Hollywood told KABC.

The Los Angeles Fire Department went on tactical alert while authorities hunted for the arsonist, allowing officials to pull in resources from other areas to help fight the fires.

It was not clear whether the incidents on Friday were related to three arson fires that struck Hollywood Thursday. Samuel Arrington, 22, and a second suspect were arrested in connection with those incidents.

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