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Two Atlanta Boys Still Missing After Leaving on Trip With Father

Theresa Nash(ATLANTA) -- The search continues for Benjamin and Henry Cleary, two young brothers who have been missing for five days from the greater Atlanta area.

Benjamin, 9, and Henry, 7, had plans to leave with their father, Daniel Cleary, on an overnight trip to Chattanooga, Tenn., on Dec. 22. When they failed to return as scheduled on Dec. 23, their mother, Theresa Nash, who does not live with the boys' father, went to his house to check on them, only to find the phone disconnected and the house empty.

Nash last saw her sons Dec. 22 at their father's home, she told When she returned to Cleary's home, she found all his belongings, including computers and televisions, gone. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children issued an Amber Alert for the boys, who were supposed to have been returned to their mother last Sunday.

"There is a court order for them to contact me every day," Nash told "When I hadn't heard from them, and their father's phone was turned off, I went to their father's house to see if they were there. The house was cleared out as if they had moved."

Nash called Cleary "unstable," and said he had only been using cash since the boys went missing. Police said they had not found any charges on his credit card.

"He's smart enough to know that if he uses a credit card he's going to hit the grid," Lt. James McGee, spokesman for the Roswell, Ga., Police Department, told

McGee said the police also knew that Cleary had recently purchased a gun. (A license is not needed to purchase a gun in Georgia.)

"We don't believe they [the boys] are in imminent danger, but as time goes along and people's mind-set changes, and with the introduction of the weapon, we definitely want the kids back as soon as possible," McGee said.

Cleary, 46, and his sons are believed to be traveling in a silver 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee bearing Georgia license plate number 10742627. The boys are believed to be wearing light-blue winter vests and Nike sneakers. Cleary is 6 feet tall, weighs 240 pounds and often wears a baseball cap.

The three were spotted Friday at a Walmart in Jackson, Tenn., McGee said.

"They [Benjamin and Henry] are outgoing," Nash, their mother, said. "They are very aware of the danger, and they will probably appear upset. They will be stressed, they will be crying."

Benjamin and Henry are very smart and play soccer, Nash said, adding that Henry's birthday is Saturday.

Anyone with information on Cleary and the boys' whereabouts is asked to call the Roswell Police Department at 770-640-4160.

"They've been begging for an Xbox 360 for Christmas, and Santa brought them one so they need to come home because it's waiting," Nash said.

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Man Shot Outside Atlanta-Area Mall; Cops Hunt for Shooter

Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock(ATLANTA) -- A man was shot on Friday during an apparent carjacking attempt at South DeKalb Mall in DeKalb County, Ga., police said.

The Atlanta-area mall remained open as police searched for the shooter.

“One adult male was shot,” DeKalb County Police Sgt. M.J. Ferreira told ABC News Radio. “He was taken to a local area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The investigation is ongoing into the suspect’s identity. There is no one in custody at this time.”

The man was shot in the neck and was hospitalized in serious condition, ABC News station WSB reported.

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Delta Plane Rolls Off Taxiway at Atlanta Airport

ABC News(ATLANTA) -- A Delta airplane sustained significant damage when it veered off a taxiway early Tuesday morning while undergoing maintenance at the world's busiest airport in Atlanta, local ABC News affiliate WSB-TV reports.

According to a Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson, the Boeing 737-700 rolled off the taxiway at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport around 5 a.m.

Eric Torbinson, a spokesman for Delta, said two maintenance workers were on board testing the jet's engines when the braking system failed.  No passengers were on the plane, and the two workers were unharmed.

The FAA said the incident has not led to any traffic delays at the airport.

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Dunwoody Day Care Murder: Did Wife Know About Husband's Killing?

Dunwoody Police Dept(ATLANTA) -- Two witnesses in the trial of a Georgia man accused of murdering the husband of his alleged lover testified Thursday that the woman, Andrea Sneiderman, told them she knew about her husband's death earlier than she claimed in court.

Hemy Neuman, 48, is charged with shooting and killing Sneiderman's husband Rusty Sneiderman, 36, in the parking lot of the Sneidermans' son's preschool in November 2010.  Neuman, Andrea Sneiderman's former boss at GE Energy, has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Rusty Sneiderman's father Don Sneiderman testified Thursday in an Atlanta courtroom that he received a phone call on the day of the incident from Andrea Sneiderman, his daughter-in-law, at 9:30 a.m. saying that his son had been shot.

"At 9:30, she said Rusty had been shot, she was so, so sorry and she was going to Dunwoody Prep to see what happened," Don Sneiderman said..

He confirmed to the court that he was sure his daughter-in-law had called him at 9:30 a.m. because he had spoken to Rusty Sneiderman after he dropped his son Ian off at the preschool.  That account conflicted with Andrea Sneiderman's testimony Wednesday, when she told the court that she first heard that her husband was shot when she arrived at the hospital at 11 a.m.

"I didn't know what happened to Rusty until I got to the emergency room," Sneiderman, who has denied that she had an affair with Neuman and has not been charged in connection with her husband's death, said on Wednesday.  "No one told me what happened to Rusty."

She said that she had called Don Sneiderman, but contrary to his testimony, she said she told him, "Something's happened to Rusty, I have no idea what."

Andrea Sneiderman's close friend of 10 years, Shayna Citron, also testified on Thursday that the widow told her of her husband's shooting before 11 a.m.  Citron said she was in Arizona with her husband and heading to a spa at about 8:30 a.m. when Andrea Sneiderman called her, which would have been 10:30 a.m. in Georgia.

"She was screaming to me that Rusty had been shot," Citron recalled of Sneiderman's phone call.  "She didn't know if he was dead or alive and she was on her way to the hospital and she passed the phone to her mother."

Neither the defense nor the prosecution denies that Neuman pulled the trigger and killed Sneiderman, but they tell divergent stories of what led to the killing.

The prosecution painted Neuman as a calculating killer who planned Sneiderman's shooting for months -- going to gun shows, taking a gun safety course, going to target practice, renting a car for the shooting and wearing a disguise.

Neuman's defense attorney, Doug Peters, said in his opening statements that Neuman believed he had been visited by an angel resembling Olivia Newton-John and a demon resembling Barry White, who told him that Sneiderman's children were Neuman's and that he needed to protect them by killing Rusty Sneiderman.

Neuman's defense claims he and Andrea Sneiderman were involved in a hot-and-cold affair when she worked for him at General Electric.  Sneiderman denies any affair.

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Georgia Engineer Murder Trial: Widow Calls Her Boss 'Delusional'

Dunwoody Police Dept(ATLANTA) -- The General Electric worker whose former boss and alleged lover admits he killed her husband said on Wednesday the ex-boss was, "a self-proclaimed delusional individual" who fooled her using "masterful manipulation."

Testifying at Hemy Neuman's murder trial in Atlanta, his former employee, Andrea Sneiderman, described the former high-level GE operations manager as a "predator."

"Every time we spoke, it was like he was my best friend. Every time we had a verbal conversation, 'Oh, I understand.  I respect your marriage,'" Sneiderman said of Neuman.  "But what he liked to do was jab at my marriage.  But then, 'I respect you.  You're a good mother.'  That was his mode of operation."

Neuman, 48, is charged with shooting and killing Sneiderman's husband, Rusty Sneiderman, 36, in the parking lot of the Sneidermans' son's preschool in November 2010.

Neuman has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.  His defense claims he and Andrea Sneiderman were involved in a hot-and-cold affair when she worked for him at General Electric. Sneiderman denies any affair.

Neither the defense nor the prosecution denies that Neuman pulled the trigger and killed Sneiderman, but they tell divergent stories of what led to the killing.

Neuman's defense attorney, Doug Peters, said in his opening statements that Neuman believed he had been visited by an angel resembling Olivia Newton-John and a demon resembling Barry White, who told him that Sneiderman's children were Neuman's and that he needed to protect them by killing Rusty Sneiderman.

The prosecution painted Neuman as a calculating killer who planned Sneiderman's shooting for months -- going to gun shows, taking a gun safety course, going to target practice, renting a car for the shooting and wearing a disguise.

Sneiderman told the court that after Neuman read her a poem at dinner during a business trip, she realized that, "he had deeper feelings for me than just friends."

"None of those feelings were ever returned and I made myself completely clear where I stood," Sneiderman said. "I did nothing but try to help Hemy Neuman -- suggested he get counseling in his marriage, not move out of his home.  I would do that for any friend."

"I remember walking out of that dinner like we were best buddies," she said. "It was a masterful manipulation."

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Several Dead in Georgia Spa Shooting

AbleStock/Thinkstock(ATLANTA) -- Several people are dead after a shooting Tuesday night at a health spa in Norcross, Georgia.

Police say the incident at the Su Jung Health Sauna resulted in five fatalities, including the shooter, in what appears to have been a murder-suicide.

Details about the victims and the shooter have not been released. Investigators are uncertain about the relationship between the perpetrator and the victims.

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Delta Airlines Airport Flash Mob: Employees Get Their Groove On

Delta Airlines(NEW YORK) -- When was the last time an airline made you smile? A just-released YouTube video of Delta employees flash-mobbing around the country may do the trick. Employees at airports in Atlanta, New York City, Detroit and at the Technical Operations Center, also in Atlanta, got in on the fun.

The video starts out a little boring, with a few Delta employees singing a cheesy but nice song about “Delta and you” and the places you’ll go together. Then the video cuts to the crowd in Atlanta and...wham!  Delta flash mob!

One highlight is the flight attendant in the red dress in New York. She’s on the right, and ever so slightly out of step with the rest of the group. Check it out at about 2:42. She eventually gets in the groove. Also, the guy at tech ops with his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth at 3:42 is pretty awesome, as well.

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Atlanta, St. Louis Cops Eye Similarities for Missing Women Cases

Ryan McVay/Thinkstock(ATLANTA) -- Similarities in the disappearances of two women in St. Louis and Atlanta have police in the two cities comparing notes to see whether the cases might be related.

Stacey Nicole English, 36, of the affluent Atlanta suburb of Buckhead, and Phoenix Coldon, 23, of St. Louis, both went missing in December and the cars were later found with the engines running.

The apparent similarities in the case have some people questioning whether the same person could be responsible for both disappearances.

English was reported missing by her parents on Dec. 27, after they called her for several days and failed to get a response. They went to her home and inside found her phone, iPad and the key fob to gain entry to her apartment complex. She never left home without her phone or iPad, they said.

English was apparently last seen by Robert Kirk, a St. Louis resident who was a guest in her home from Christmas Eve until Dec. 26.

Coldon was last seen outside her St. Louis home on Dec. 18. The woman's mother told police she saw Coldon in her car outside the family home, but when she checked later, the young woman's car was gone. The young woman failed to return home that night, and Coldon's mother called police the next morning.

Neither Coldon nor English have been seen since.

English's car, a white 2006 Volvo S60, and Coldon's vehicle, a 1998 black Chevy Blazer, were both impounded by police on the day the women apparently went missing. According to several reports, police initially didn't realize the cars that had been impounded belonged to the missing women for whom they were searching.

The women's parents have been critical of both departments' handling of the investigations, particularly the initial failure to connect the impounded cars to the cases.

Carlos Campos, a spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department, told ABC News Monday evening that his department had communicated with investigators in St. Louis.

No one at the St. Louis Police Department's media office could be reached Monday evening, but the apparent similarities of the case reportedly have caught their investigators' attention as well.

Coldon's mother, Goldia, told the Huffington Post that St. Louis police Capt. Troy Doyle, who is working on her daughter's case, said he has seen similarities in both cases.

Campos told ABC News that Kirk was not considered a suspect or a person of interest, denying previous media reports that claimed police had named Kirk a person of interest in English's disappearance.

"As of right now there is no crime so there is no suspect to develop. This is a missing person's case," he said.

He said the department was working hard to solve the case.

English is about 5'3" tall and weighs about 120 pounds. She reportedly worked as an instructional designer at SunTrust Bank. A reward of $5,000 has been offered for any information that aids in locating her.

Police have also mounted a search for Coldon, who was last seen wearing grey sweatpants, a dark-colored hooded top and sneakers. She is 5'6" tall and weighs about 125 pounds.

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Baby Kidnapper Says She Was Trying to Replace Miscarried Baby

Jas'mere Brown cuddles her child. (ABC News)(ATLANTA) -- The Georgia woman who attempted to steal a mother’s newborn is back in custody after a judge denied her bond early Thursday morning. Naquelle Ballard, 19, of Morrow, Ga., sneaked into Southern Regional Medical Center on Wednesday in hopes of replacing the baby she had lost in a miscarriage.

Police and hospital officials say that Ballard walked into the hospital Wednesday morning, clad in scrubs. She went into the room of Jas’mere Brown, also 19, where the mother was nursing her newborn daughter, Khloe. Masquerading as a nurse’s technician, Ballard told Brown that she would be back after she was done nursing. In a few minutes Ballard returned and told Brown she would be taking the child to the nursery. Brown handed little Khloe to her, and Ballard tucked the newborn into her large purse.

Karletta Woods, Brown’s mother, had searing questions for the hospital. “How was she able to just go in my daughter’s room, see that she’s nursing and come back a second time and nobody noticed her?” Woods told ABC News.

Ballard was noticed by one person though. Woods actually said hello to Ballard in an elevator, not knowing her newborn granddaughter was inches away from her, sleeping and silent. Luckily, the sensor system that the hospital had in place worked. Each newborn has an ankle bracelet with a sensor inside. Hospital officials say that as soon as Ballard rounded a corner as she headed downstairs, the alarms went off. Two eagle-eyed maintenance workers went after Ballard and managed to wrestle the purse from her. She kept on running and managed to get in her car and drive away but not without the two workers taking down her license plate number and the make of her car.  Clayton County Police were able to nab her within an hour.

“We’re really pleased with the way that the system worked and the employees reacted,” said Southern Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Amanda Bartlett. “The workers thought it was a drill but they reacted appropriately and we’re thrilled.”

Though Woods and Brown are happy to have Khloe back, they still can’t rid themselves of the minutes that their “angelic blessing” (as Woods put it) was gone from them. The family had just lost another child a few days ago when Woods’ other daughter had a premature baby that died four weeks after birth.

According to a police affadavit, Ballard told police that she had lost a baby due to a miscarriage and was trying to steal another to present to her boyfriend as her own. The magistrate court set her next hearing for Jan. 17.

Both mother and daughter have no sympathy for the woman who almost stole their child.

“After all the hard work I’ve done, and I just went through all of this pain to get her here, you don’t do that to someone,” Brown told ABC affiliate WSB-TV.

“I have no compassion for her,” Woods added.

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Bishop Eddie Long Takes Leave from Church After Wife Files for Divorce

John Amis-Pool/Getty Images(ATLANTA) -- Eddie Long, the anti-gay preacher who was accused of sexually abusing four young men in his youth ministry, announced on Sunday that he is taking a leave from his Atlanta megachurch to spend time with his family.

“I’m still your pastor, you will receive my direction,” Long told the congregation at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

Vanessa Long, who has been married to the pastor for 21 years, filed divorce papers last Thursday, but withdrew them a few hours later.  But her change of heart was short-lived.  On Friday, Vanessa Long’s lawyers announced the divorce was back on.

“Mrs. Long continues to hope that this matter may be resolved expeditiously, harmoniously and fairly; however, she has determined that dismissal of her divorce petition is not appropriate at this time,” her attorney said in a statement.

Long’s accusers say he coerced them into sexual relations when they were teenagers.  The preacher settled with the accusers for an undisclosed amount last May.  Some suggest he spent nearly $2.5 million to end the lawsuit.

This summer, at his first public appearance since news of the allegations broke, Vanessa Long stood by her husband’s side.  The two have three children together, and Eddie Long also has a son named Edward from his previous marriage.

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, which has more than 25,000 members, has been rocked by the scandal involving their bishop.  It is trying to put a good face on the most recent developments, and on Sunday told its Twitter followers, “The enemy wants us to think it isn’t well.”

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