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What Would You Do? Customer Calls Cops After Finding Cash at ATM

Adam Gault/Thinkstock(BOYNTON BEACH, Fla.) -- When a Florida woman rolled up to a drive-thru ATM on Sunday, she was confronted with an ethical dilemma -- in the form of 18 $100 bills sticking out of the cash slot.

The previous customer apparently forgot to take his or her cash, and so Adriana Allen tried in vain to stuff the money back into the machine. When that failed, she did what not many people would have done: Allen called the cops.

The honest Chase customer held onto the stack of bills until cops arrived to take possession of it. They contacted the bank in an effort to track down the bills' rightful owner.

There's no word if Allen will be rewarded for her act of honesty -- though the Boynton Beach Police Department thanked her on its Facebook page saying, "We thank Adriana for her honesty and compassion, and for doing the right thing."

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Van Containing Unmarked ATM Keys Stolen in Connecticut

FIle photo. Ryan McVay/Thinkstock(BRIDGEPORT, Conn.) -- A van containing keys to ATMs across Connecticut has been stolen, leading police to issue a lookout warning.

The unmarked van was stolen from the train station in Bridgeport, Conn. on Wednesday. The vehicle, a white 2010 Ford E-150 van, belonged to workers installing an ATM at the train station, according to ABC News Connecticut affiliate WTNH.

The van contained unmarked keys, which are used to access other ATMs throughout the Connecticut.

Authorities said that they believe a large amount of cash was inside the van at the time it was stolen, the Connecticut Post reported. Later police said there was no money in the van at the time.

Keys to the van were reportedly not in the ignition at the time of the theft.

Police in Bridgeport have now issued a warning to other police departments to be on the lookout for a stolen van.

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