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Detroit Babysitter Flees Cops with Baby in Arms

Courtesy Ferndale Police Department(DETROIT) -- A Detroit man caught driving a stolen car while babysitting a 21-month-old infant led cops on a high-speed chase, crashed the vehicle and then fled on foot with the baby, which he handed to a woman bystander before police caught him.

Vilary Reed, 23, was driving a stolen Ford Crown Victoria on Detroit’s 8 Mile Road when he was stopped by police shortly before 6 p.m. Tuesday.  Though initially he stopped and complied with officers, he decided at the last moment to take off in the car, leading cops through the side streets of the city with the tot in tow, according to a police report.

“Reed ran through stop signs, sped, and lost control and crashed at Pennington and Pembroke,” police said in a report.  “When Reed emerged from the car, he was carrying a 21-month-old baby boy in his arms.  Reed ran from police while carrying the baby.”

As Reed darted from the enclosing officers, he must have decided that the baby was slowing him down.  So, he handed the baby to a woman who was standing in her yard, then ran on.

“He handed her the baby.  The baby was crying.  He just told her to hide me!  Hide me!” John Abner, the husband of the woman to whom he handed the baby, told ABC News' Detroit affiliate WXYZ-TV.

Officers were soon able to apprehend Reed following a chase through several other yards.

After Reed was captured, the baby was examined by Ferndale Fire Department paramedics and finally returned to his mother.  The baby is the son of the suspect’s live-in girlfriend, and he’s now back with his mother while Child Protective Services is investigating the incident, WXYZ reported.

Reed is a parolee, previously convicted of fleeing and eluding police.  He also has previous convictions for receiving and concealing stolen vehicles, according to police.

The case had now been turned over to the prosecutor’s office for a determination of charges, police said.

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Indiana Mother Abandons Baby with Craigslist Sitter

Hemera/Thinkstock(INDIANAPOLIS) -- The Department of Child Services is investigating an Indiana mother who abandoned her 13-month-old son with a babysitter she found on Craigslist.

Cecilia Long, 28, told Indianapolis police that she had responded to a Craigslist ad posted by a woman identified as “Jen,” requesting overnight care for her 13-month old son, Kameron.

Long had been caring for Kameron regularly since Thanksgiving before she decided her agreement with Jen didn’t make a lot of sense.

Long said Jen had promised her $75 a day to care for Kameron, but the money never materialized. Jen gave Long only $10, she told Fox59, which she said she used to buy milk for the baby.

The situation came to a head when Long had to go out of town due to a family emergency. She texted Jen and asked her to come pick up her child, but Kameron’s mother refused and responded that “it wasn’t her problem,” according to Indianapolis police records.

Robert Hatch, the police officer who responded to a call from Long on Dec. 6, tried to talk to Jen on the phone. But when Hatch identified himself, the police report said, Jen told him to “Quit f—ing calling my phone.” “Loud music and partying” were also audible in the background during Hatch’s brief conversation with Jen.

Police also looked for Kameron’s mother at local nightclubs without results -- she had told Long she worked as a dancer at a nearby venue, but employees there didn’t know of any dancers named Jen.

Kameron is now in the custody of Child Protective Services, which is investigating the case, Officer Anthony Weiner of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said.

But Long told Fox59 that her contact with Jen hasn’t ended:  Jen has sent Long aggressive messages since Child Protective Services took over the case.

“I want to know why the (expletive) you called CPS on me (expletive). I didn’t (expletive) do (expletive) to you. I owe you money yes, but I didn’t do (expletive) to you,” Jen said in one voicemail message left on Long’s phone.

Jen may be driving a maroon Jeep or SUV vehicle, according to the Indianapolis police report.

Ann Houseworth, director of communications at the Department of Child Services, said Kameron is in good health and in protective custody.  The investigation is still open; Houseworth noted that “the department makes every effort to locate the parents of a child once we’ve become involved.”

“We’re grateful for the actions of the babysitter,” Houseworth said. “It does take everyone in the community to keep children safe.”

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Conn. Babysitter Charged with Sexually Assaulting Second Boy

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(CLINTON, Conn.) -- A 20-year-old Connecticut babysitter already facing charges of sexual assault on a minor is accused of having a sexual relationship with another 14-year-old boy, according to new information released Monday.

Loni Bouchard, of Clinton, Conn., was arrested Monday morning on charges of sexually assaulting a teenage boy from Southington, Conn., in November 2010. Bouchard is already facing charges of sexual assault on a different 14-year-old whom she was hired to babysit in Clinton in early 2011.

Southington police announced that they arrested Bouchard early Monday morning on the new charges, and that she is being held on $25,000 bail. Police did not return calls for comment.

Bouchard’s attorney said Bouchard is in counseling and hopes people will not pre-judge her, and that this second arrest strengthens the family’s resolve to have her placed in a supervisory diversionary program.

In July, Bouchard was arrested following a three-month investigation into her relationship with a Clinton, Conn., boy she babysat regularly. According to police records, Bouchard repeatedly stayed over at the home of the boy, and offered him alcohol and marijuana in addition to having sex with him. When the boy’s mother discovered their relationship through Facebook messages, she notified police.

Bouchard’s journals detailing the relationship with the Clinton boy were released earlier this month.

“I know there is a 5-year age difference, but why does it have to matter?” she wrote in the journal. “I don’t care about the law.  I just want to be with him and not have to hide it.”

Bouchard’s mother, Kimmy Bouchard, is also charged in providing alcohol and marijuana to the Clinton teen.

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Connecticut Babysitter’s Journals Detail Sexual Relationship with Teen

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(SOUTHINGTON, Conn.) -- Journal entries written by Loni Bouchard, the 20-year-old Connecticut babysitter facing sexual assault charges, reveal more details of  the sexual relationship she told police she had with a 14-year-old boy she was hired to babysit.

In the entries, quoted in an arrest warrant released earlier this week and obtained by ABC News, Bouchard chronicled how her friendship with the unnamed victim, who lives in Southington, Conn., evolved into a romance in the early months of 2011.

She writes explicitly about alleged sexual encounters with the teen, calling one instance “the best I’ve ever had,” and professes her love for him, despite the potential consequences.

“I know there is a 5-year age difference, but why does it have to matter?” she writes. “I don’t care about the law.  I just want to be with him and not have to hide it.”

Bouchard appeared in court on Monday following her arrest on July 12 after a three-month investigation by the Clinton, Conn., Police Department. She was charged with second-degree sexual assault, risk of injury to a minor and illegal purchase of liquor.

According to the warrant, the victim’s mother hired Bouchard in December 2010 to babysit for her children, and would frequently let her stay at their home overnight.

But in April 2011, the victim’s mother discovered Facebook messages between Bouchard and her son, who admitted to the sexual relationship and told her he had been given alcohol and marijuana by Bouchard and her mother, Kimmy, while he was at their home in nearby Clinton.  The mother then told Bouchard she was no longer allowed to contact her son, and filed a restraining order against her.

Bouchard provided a statement to police admitting to the relationship with the victim and acknowledging its illegality.  She also admitted to having sexual relations with another teenage boy, according to the warrant.  That boy’s parents would not allow him to speak with investigators.

Kimmy Bouchard was also arrested and charged with providing marijuana and alcohol to the teen.

Both women are scheduled to be back in court on Oct. 3.

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