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Father, Son and Daughter Arrested in Bank Robberies

ABC News(KATY, Texas) -- A father, son and daughter may be responsible for robbing as many as seven banks in two states, according to authorities.

Ronald Scott Catt, 50, and his two children, 20-year-old Hayden and 18-year-old Abby were arrested last week on charges they robbed a credit union in Katy, Texas.

Deputies with the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office in Texas say the family, which recently moved to the area, could also be responsible for several other robberies in Texas and their native Oregon.

During the Oct. 1 robbery in Texas, two figures, who appear to be Ronald and Hayden Catt, entered the bank in disguises and toting guns before leaving with money and jumping into a getaway car driven by Abby Catt.

The break in the case came when authorities were able to track down the distinctive orange vests the men wore to a local Home Depot. A review of the surveillance tape showed the family purchasing the disguises at the store.

Eric Lundeen told ABC News he knows the Catt family and said they seemed like “really solid community members.”

“He was a single dad. I think he lost his wife and he had the responsibility to take care of his kids and I got to tell you, he was there for them,” Lundeen said.

The father and son duo are being held in the Fort Bend County Jail on $140,000 bonds after being charged with robbery.

Abby Catt’s bond has been set at $100,000.

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'Plain Jane Bandit' Believed Caught After Eight Heists

ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- The "Plain Jane Bandit," who is believed to be responsible for eight bank heists or attempted bank robberies in Southern California, has been arrested, officials said.

Sylvia Helen Garcia, 38, was captured near her home in Downey, Calif., late Thursday, according to ABC News' Los Angeles affiliate KABC.

The Plain Jane Bandit has been linked to six bank robberies and two attempted bank robberies around Southern California since July 12. The most recent attempt by the Plain Jane Bandit was on Tuesday, but she left before getting any money. In all eight instances, she used both written and verbal demands and told the bank teller that an accomplice was waiting outside, the FBI said.

Authorities did not say how much money was stolen, but witnesses described the robber as a Hispanic woman in her mid-30s, between 5-foot-3 and 5-foot-5 and weighing 150 to 170 pounds. She did not wear a disguise.

The nickname came from a witness' description of the robber as a "plain Jane."

The robber was linked to a silver four-door vehicle, though the alleged accomplice had not been seen.

U.S. Bank, which had five branches robbed, had offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the robber's arrest and conviction.

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‘Plain Jane Bandit’ Robs Seventh California Bank

FBI Los Angeles Field Office(DOWNEY, Calif.) -- The bank robber nicknamed the “Plain Jane Bandit” struck for a seventh time Monday, attempting to rob a Bank of America in Downey, Calif.

The woman has been linked to a series of five bank robberies and two attempted bank robberies around Southern California since July 12.

In all seven instances, the woman followed the same method, using both written and verbal demands and telling the bank teller an accomplice was waiting outside, said FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller.

Authorities have not disclosed how much money she has stolen.  They have not suggested a possible name.

Witnesses describe the suspect as an Hispanic woman in her mid-30s, between 5-foot-3 and 5-foot-5 and 150-170 pounds.  She may drive a silver four-door vehicle. Her alleged accomplice has not yet been seen.

Her nickname came from a witness’ description of her as a “plain Jane.”

U.S. Bank, where five branches have been hit, is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to her arrest and conviction.

Anyone with information about the suspect’s identity is urged to call the nearest FBI office or 911.

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Is Notorious ‘Geezer Bandit’ Really a Geezer?

FBI(SAN DIEGO) -- The FBI calls him the “Geezer Bandit” because he looks like an old man.  For two years federal agents have been on his trail.  They thought they were trying to nab someone in his 60s or 70s, but now it appears he may actually be much younger.

During a recent heist in San Luis Obispo, Calif., the Geezer Bandit received a surprise.  A teller was able to put a dye pack in the bag of money, which exploded as he was leaving the bank.

“When you look at the video and you see him sprint away from the bank parking lot, it would appear that the person who is running was running at a pretty good pace,” says Darrell Foxworth at the FBI.

In fact the video seems to show someone who was quite fit and young.

“You see him, in the video, drop to the ground, he scrambles around appearing to try to collect his belongings, collect some money, and other documents he had there in the bank and then he sprints out,” explains Foxworth.

If it is a younger man, the disguise has worked.  He’s pulled off sixteen bank robberies in California. And he’s gained a following.  A Facebook page dedicated to the Geezer Bandit has close to 12,000 fans.  There’s even ‘Geezer’ merchandise for sale.

The FBI believes the robber bought his old man mask at SPFX, a Hollywood special effects company in Van Nuys, Calif.  SPFX made the mask Freddy Kruger wears in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  It wouldn’t be the first time criminals have used masks made by SPFX.

“People have used our masks for illegal purposes,” Judy Hammer at SPFX tells ABC News.

Recently a young Chinese defector used an elder mask made by the company to board a plane in Hong Kong and demand asylum in Canada.

Police served a search warrant on SPFX to get a list of who bought the old man mask in an effort to  track down the culprit.

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FBI Hunting 'Well-Dressed Bandit'

FBI(SAN DIEGO) -- California police and the FBI are on the hunt for a dapper man dubbed the “well-dressed bandit” who has held up banks 10 times in the last year.

The man carries out the robberies while wearing blazers or leather jackets and uses luxury vehicles as a getaway car.

FBI investigators say that the man most recently held up a Chase Bank in San Diego on Friday.

“The suspect approached a teller, simulated a weapon and demanded cash,” the FBI said in a statement. With cash in hand, the man left in either a black Lexus or Mercedes-Benz.  Police believe it’s the third time he has hit that particular bank.

Since May of last year, the FBI believes, the man is responsible for 10 bank robberies in the San Diego area. He is described as a black man in his thirties, over 6 feet and around 220 pounds.

When he covers his face, he uses a black handkerchief. He switches up the hats he wears — sometimes a baseball cap and other times a newsboy cap.

If you have any information, contact the FBI at (858) 565-1255 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477

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