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MTV Reality Contestant Charged With Murder

Photo Courtesy - Miami-Dade Corrections(MIAMI) -- Baron "Dirty" Colon, a 24-year-old barber and finalist in the 2009 MTV program From G's to Gents, was arrested Jan. 7 and charged with first degree murder for his involvement in a fatal armed robbery of a Florida artist in 2006.

According to police, Colon joined three others to rob, and ultimately kill, Marcelo Vero in a botched stickup. Miami-Dade Police said the "investigation is still ongoing" but confirmed facts of the crime detailed in Colon's arrest warrant and obtained by the Miami Herald.

According to the Herald, Colon met a friend, Stephany Concepcion, 26, and two other men identified only as "Big Killer" and "Crazy Dread" before planning to rob Vero, an artist known to keep large amounts of cash in his home.

Concepcion, Vero's former employee, arrived at his house late on the night of Jan. 6, 2006. From the victim's bathroom, she called Colon and told him the time was right for the robbery, according to the warrant. Concepcion said she heard shots fired from the other room. When she ran outside, the other men had driven off and she was alone at the scene when police arrived. She was arrested and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. She was sentenced to 15 years in prison and said she would testify against the other men.

Though Colon has been a suspect in the murder since 2006, police said they could not charge him based on Concepcion's testimony alone. According to the Herald, he was arrested only after investigators received more information from a confidential informant.

The unnamed informant recorded Colon describing how he shot Vero as the man begged for his life, according to the warrant.

Colon is in jail without bond awaiting arraignment on Jan 28.

Colon appeared on the second season of the MTV show, produced by actor Jamie Foxx, in which young men with checkered pasts -- so-called "g's" or "gangstas" -- compete to turn their lives around and become "gentlemen."

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