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Mom Accused of Giving Toddler Beer at Restaurant

ABC News (PHOENIX) -- A Phoenix mom was arrested after she allegedly put beer in her toddler’s sippy cup and a witness claimed the child fell out of his chair in a possible state of intoxication.

Officers arrested Valerie Marie Topete, 36, after they were called to a Peter Piper restaurant in Phoenix by witnesses who said they saw the mother of three pouring beer into her 2-year-old son’s sippy cup.

“Witnesses further stated the child did drink from the cup after the suspected beer was poured and, at one point, the suspect left the child alone with the alcohol in the cup.”

Topete said she gave her son beer after he “kept reaching” for the pitcher on the table. She initially denied her son drank from the cup but later said it was possible he could have, police said in a statement.

Officers determined the contents of the cup were “consistent with beer” and arrested Topete on one count of child abuse.

Her son was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure, police said.

Topete’s other two children, ages 8 and 4 years old, were released into the care of their father.

ABC News was unable to reach Topete for comment.

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Baby-Faced Man Busted Buying Beer

WSB/ABC News(ATLANTA) -- A baby-faced man has an upcoming court date after he spent two days in jail for disorderly conduct while trying to buy beer.

At 22 years old, Jose Sanders looks more like a middle school student than a beer-drinking adult due to a pituitary condition, which he said has been a constant source of discrimination.

Police in Brasleton, Ga., said Jose Sanders became belligerent on March 26 when the cashier and a supervisor at a Kroger store cast doubt on the authenticity of his driver’s license.

“He gets mad, starts cursing, gets all upset. We show up and he’s still cursing,” Lou Solis, assistant police chief in Brasleton, told ABC News. “[So] we go ahead and tell him we’re going to arrest him for disorderly conduct.”

Sanders told WSB-TV that he did not mention his condition because he felt it was no one’s business.

“I just said, ‘You can call the police. I have no worry. My whole intention is to buy this beer,’” he said. “I was kind of frustrated, talking to myself. Sometimes I talk out loud.”

Sanders didn’t get his brews. Instead he spent the next 48 hours in jail before he was released on his own recognizance.

Sanders’ court date is set for April 10.

He’ll have to pay a $276 ticket.

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Beer Lovers Unite to Celebrate International Beer Day YORK ) –Time to put your drinking hats on, because today is International Beer Day! It’s a day billed as a “celebration of beer and the people who provide it.”  

The holiday is being celebrated around the globe, and so far there are nearly 300 celebrations planned in 23 countries.

There’s even an International Beer Day website detailing the hundreds of events taking place at bars and restaurants worldwide.

It was originally founded in 2007 by friends Jesse Avshalomov, Evan Hamilton, Aaron Araki, Richard Hernandez, Tyler Burton, and Ryland Hale. It came about naturally; a group of buddies decided to commemorate the libation on August fifth and managed to convince their local pub to celebrate it with them.

They posted a small website to thank the beer industry and then returned to their drinking activities. However, the idea began to spread over the Internet, and soon, people around the world were taking part in their own Beer Day festivities.

Some of the biggest celebrators this year are Belgium, Japan, England and Turkey.

You can also follow special Beer Day events on Facebook and Twitter and a find a celebration near you!

Remember, it’s five o’clock somewhere…

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