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Florida: Mystery Piano Replaced by Table and Chairs

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(MIAMI) -- The baby grand piano that mysteriously appeared on a sandbar in the middle of Florida's Biscayne Bay has influenced a copycat -- replaced for a short time by an equally baffling table and chairs.

The table, decked out with a tablecloth, place settings, a bottle of wine, along with the two chairs and a statue of a standing chef, was spotted Friday as the centerpiece to the now famous sandbar, according to a report by the Miami Herald.

The dinner setup was removed by authorities, who were concerned that the site may become a showpiece for pranksters.

The piano which started it all off was removed from the sandbar on Thursday. The piano became a national story after it was spotted on the sandbar and no one could determine who put it there or who it belonged to. A student recently came forward and claimed that he, along with his father and brother, took the piano out to the sandbar with the intention of using it to make a video. The baby grand piano was removed by another man who claimed that the instrument was discarded and in public domain, and that he was doing a public service by having it removed.

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Grand Piano Mystery Solved: Biscayne Bay Confession

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(MIAMI) -- Over the past couple of days a baby grand piano, parked on a sliver of a sandbar in Miami's Biscayne Bay, launched a thousand ships --okay, little pleasure boats -- Twitter accounts and countless rumors.

Was it the work of a master artist like Cristo, who once covered the islands in red cloth? The magic of David Copperfield or a relic of a botched hip hop music video shoot?

Perhaps it was the work of a clever fellow at the New World Symphony conservatory, trying to promote Tuesday night's opening of a $170 million Frank Gehry-designed campus?

Nope. This little installation of junk art, as it's known, was the brainchild of a 16-year-old.

Nicholas Harrington is a junior at Mast Academy in Key Biscayne.

His accomplices were his brother, Andrew, and neighbor Julian Roots, both 18.

They'd hatched the scheme before Christmas.

Harrington's grandparents had a grand piano in their garage. They wanted to get rid of it.

Harrington pondered. Perhaps hang it on a tree? Set it on fire?

Finally the "Piano bar" idea came to him.

So, on New Year's Eve the family threw a bash.

They burned the family Christmas tree and then partially set fire to the piano.

The next morning, on New Year's day, in broad daylight, they hoisted the baby grand onto Harrington's father's boat, and motored out to the sandbar, unloaded the 300-400 pound piano - and waited.

Two weeks later, a National Geographic photographer snapped an iconic shot of pelicans perched on it. But few people noticed it until residents alerted authorities and the Miami Herald.

When ABC News hired a boat and voyaged out to the sandbar -- just 200 yards from shore, the piano had lost its bench and was trashed.

But the burning question on the minds of bloggers, Miamians and humorists, is why?

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Miami Mystery: Who Dropped Piano On Florida Sandbar?

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(MIAMI) -- The grand piano floats like a mirage over Miami's Biscayne Bay, a testament to music and haut pranksterism.

Miami's mystery piano was parked on Biscayne Bay sometime before last week when locals spotted it and called in the strange sighting, Jorge Bino of Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told ABC News.

The 650 pound grand piano stands upright, perfectly placed on the highest point of the sandbar, just a couple hundred yards from a row of condominiums.

"We have no idea exactly when it got there," Bino said. "Our agency cannot move it unless it becomes a navigational hazard. At this point it's high enough on the sandbar so that it is not a navigational hazard. So I guess it will stay."

The Coast Guard says it has no intention to remove it.

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