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Motorcyclist Pulled from Under Car Cried Over Bike

ABC News (MURRAY, Utah) -- Brandon Wright, the biker who was pulled from beneath a car lifted by bystanders, told a news conference Thursday that he was glad to be alive but that he cried over his mangled bike.

The scene of students and construction workers rushing over to lift the BMW Monday while flames shot out of the burning motorcycle jammed under the car's front fender captured the country's attention. Wright's unconscious body was dragged from under the vehicle.

Wright, 21, held a news conference at the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah, Thursday thanking his rescuers, who he called heroes.

Wright suffered injuries to his right leg and burns on his left leg, but no damage to his head despite his lack of a helmet. Doctors said a head injury would make it harder for him to survive.

His eye was visibly swollen and blood shot during the press conference. He thanked his family, and said his mother and girlfriend had not left his hospital room since the accident.

A habitual adventure-seeker, Wright said he would not give up motorcycle riding, but would be more careful, including wearing a helmet. He even intended to promote motorycycle safety.

Wright said it "wasn't a particularly good bike," but it had been his first bike, hanging on to it even as he bought and sold other motorcycles.

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